When Will PlayStation Plus Subscribers Get AAA PS4 Titles?

Yesterday, PlayStation Plus subscribers were treated to August’s free game offerings, allowing gamers of all taste and preference a chance to dive into a decidedly diverse game selection. From Crysis 3 to Dragon’s Crown and the launch of the charming indie game, Road Not Taken, August is certainly one of the best months to date for PS+ users.

The question, however, is when will PlayStation Plus members finally get to experience a major AAA title through the service?

There is no denying that when it comes to game-related services, there is little denying that PlayStation Plus is one of the best imaginable values currently available in gaming. Each month, owners of Sony’s consoles are treated to an impressive selection of free titles and considerable discounts off of other PSN titles, all for a relatively low subscription fee. The issue with PlayStation Plus at the moment, is that for all of its free offerings, PlayStation 4 owners have yet to get a game that really harnesses the power of the console.

Every level in Resogun is packed full of color once the action ramps up

Since the inclusion of the PS4 games in November 2013, PlayStation 4 owning PlayStation Plus subscribers have received some exciting and interesting games, from the brilliant Resogun, to Strider and Mercenary Kings, but there has yet to be a AAA release included.

Traditionally, each new month of PlayStation Plus games bring with it a selection of both AAA releases and smaller or indie titles, offering what is essentially a little slice of everything the industry has to offer. Since the PS4’s release, however, system owners have been left in the AAA dark.

The PlayStation 4, as a relatively new console, might not have the largest library of major releases to date, but there has been no shortage of multiplatform titles coming to the system. While it’s not the biggest issue currently rearing its head in the video gaming world, it certainly would be a nice treat to see a big time title headed to the PlayStation Plus for PS4 owners.


By the same token, the influx of indie titles coming to the PS4 PS+ titles is in many ways indicative of the increased acceptance of independent video games. Seeing games like Road Not Taken and Outlast available for free on a given month is a wonderful indication of the new direction the video game world is moving in.

While there are things to be said about both sides of the argument, perhaps it would be nice to see the PlayStation 4’s PS+ games be split fifty-fifty between indie darlings and AAA releases.


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