When You’re a Super Geek Changing Your Passwords Really Blow

Late yesterday evening while tending to my mini-pire, and all of the social networking accounts that I use to manage it, I was notified that someone tried to access my Facebook account in Richmond, VA.  First off, kudos to FB for their enhanced security and its ability to let me know when things look suspicious.  They also use a fantastic system to verify that you are actually who you say you are after your account has been remotely accessed by making you identify people in your network using pictures.  I’m glad that FB identified my security hole, but at the same time I knew I was in for a mega pain in the a*s now that one of my accounts had been possibly compromised.

If you’re like me and own multiple devices that you can use to interface with your digital life, then you probably know that the process of changing your passwords can be more terrifying than watching an episode of “Toddlers and Tiaras”.  Once I knew that my FB account was possibly hacked I made the call to change all of my accounts to a new password, and this is when the real fun began.

You see, I have close to 10 accounts that are used to manage, interface, and spread the word about this site, so when I have to change my password it becomes a process that could last hours.  Not only do I have to make sure that I changed every accounts password, but I also have to remember every app, plugin, and device that uses my credentials, so I can update them to avoid any downtime in the services that these functions provide.

It’s safe to say that this is an experience I’d rather not have to go through, but to keep things secure I had to buck up and take the punch in my balls like a man.  You may think I’m blowing this out of proportion because changing passwords really isn’t that bad, but you must also take into account my toys that also use these credentials to function.

Due to my obsessive customizations on both my Thunderbolt and my iPad 2 the process of changing passwords become even more arduous.  I would say I had to enter my new password well over 50 times while reconfiguring all of my apps on both my phone and tablet.  To make things even worse, most of my Android apps that I used to keep tabs on this site no longer function.  For some odd reason they won’t accept my new password even after I blew them away and reinstalled them. Now I’m left with blank spaces on my Thunderbolt that are stressing me out, because my widgets are no longer there and I can’t handle when my World is even slightly out of place.

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This made the already sucky process of changing my password a bigger disaster than it already was.  Not to mention, I just setup all my accounts on my new iPad 2, which I had to completely redo yesterday due to the fact that I had to change my passwords.  All I wanted to do was to enjoy my new toy, but NO, I had to spend all of last night setting everything up again in the apps that required my new passwords.  What a f*cking nightmare people!

I still don’t feel like my password ship has been righted.  I found another app today that used one of my accounts to back up my task lists, so it’s safe to say that I’m probably not out of the woods yet.  Why can’t Facebook take over every login that I have?  I want one place to change my password for every type of account that I have, and then I want it to send my updated information to every device that I own which uses my new credentials.  Is that too much to ask?  I mean we already have Skynet playing Jeopardy, so why can’t we change our passwords more efficiently?

I want to be secure in this day and age of digital thievery, but I don’t want to have to give up 3 hours of my life to keep things in order.  It’s just too much to ask a geek that needs to play with his gadgets, and not enter 15 character passwords over and over.  If you’ve got some recommendations on how to make this process easier please let me know.  At this point I never want to change my password again; the dude in VA can have my accounts for all I care.  You’ve been thinking that I have too many toys…

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