Who Is Thor? A look into the Marvel Thunder God


Hey there everyone EB here, I would like to introduce a new addition to the family.  No, I haven’t spawned a baby Buddha, rather a new contributor has joined the team and will be bringing his own brand of nerdiness to the mix.  Leviathen, as he goes bye in the land of geek has long been a supporter of this site, and has always provided high-quality commentary when it comes to posts about super heroes, comics, and the movies that they’re featured in.  With that being said I approached him about joining the squad to share his extensive comic book knowledge with our fans.  If you’re like me and totally dig the super hero movie genre that has taken off these past 11 years on the big screen, but don’t fully know the complete history behind each character, then Leviathen’s musing on the subject should help fill in some of those blanks.  So without further adieu, I present to you the newest member of – Leviathen the Human Comic Book Encyclopedia!


This is the first in a “Who Is…?” series of posts, where in each post, I’ll break down a comic book character, and try to give those of you who are unenlightened in the world of comics, but are checking out these awesome movies, some background info about these characters that I love deeply. I’ll point out things that will differ between the comics and what I refer to as the “Marvel Cinema Universe”, and I’ll confirm what has remained the same from page to screen.  With that being said our first hero to be examined is Thor, the God of Thunder.



I’ll be blunt: Thor is a bad-ass, and his character concept scares me. He stands 6’6 and weighs (due to the high density of the Asgardian body) 640 lbs. He is what is called a “100 toner“, meaning he is capable of lifting 100 tons above his head with minimal effort, a class of super strength only shared by an elite few in the Marvel universe. He is super fast, agile, nearly invulnerable to harm, is more-or-less immortal, and controls vast magical abilities. He wields the unbreakable hammer Mjolnir, which allows him to fly, channel storms, call down lightning, control the weather, and open inter-dimensional portals. He is a master with all forms of medieval weaponry. Swords, axes, spears… it doesn’t matter. He knows every way to hurt you with it, and may be able to come up with some new ones.

He was raised as the heir to throne of Asgard. He is the son of Odin, the sky-father and ruler of Asgard. As a way to teach his son humility, Odin exiled him to Midgard, which is what the Asgardians call Earth. On Earth, he lives as Donald Blake, a surgeon who can’t walk without the assistance of a cane, and has no memory of who he really is. His cane however is capable of turning into Mjolnir, which brings Thor back in control complete with powers and memories. This differs from the movie, in that it appears Thor is stripped of his powers and banished to Earth as penance.



This exile didn’t keep him from the torment of his half-brother Loki, the God of Mischief. Loki lusts after the throne, and would happily dispatch his younger brother for it. Loki would continuously hound Thor, either directly or through the manipulation of other super villains. He even engineered a trap to draw Thor into a battle with the Hulk, but only succeeded in uniting a group of heroes who would become the Avengers. I’m wondering if this will be how they pull this off in the movie, since the character of Loki is slated to be a villain in the 2012 flick.

This is how much Thor truly scares me: When the Hulk is throwing one of his temper tantrums because someone ate the last Pop-Tart at Avenger HQ, it is usually Thor that has to brush the Hulk’s teeth with a hammer to settle him down. Everyone else can only try to do something. Cap will chuck his shield, Hawkeye will shoot his arrows, but when it comes down to it, Thor is the only Avenger with the strength, durability, and testicular fortitude to stand toe to toe with the Hulk and not get turned into ground beef (Or crap their tights in the process).


When I first heard that the Thor movie was going to be made, I was worried about only one thing: casting. We’ve all done the “who would be good in this role” game, and I couldn’t for the life of me think of someone who could portray Thor to my satisfaction. And I mean both physically look like a Norwegian freak of nature, and have the acting chops to give the character depth and emotion. That said, I’m excited about seeing Chris Hemsworth as Thor. The Aussie is doing what is necessary to get bigger and chiseled, (even outgrowing his costume in the middle of production), and from what footage I’ve seen he has been an excellent choice by Kenneth Branagh, who I have to say I’m excited to see direct this particular movie.

I can’t truly express how much I love Sir Anthony Hopkins (I could listen to that man read from the yellow pages until I fell asleep), and I can’t think of anyone being better suited for Odin. This movie is also the first true lead-in for the Avengers, and THAT makes me want to see it more than anything. Years ago, I wouldn’t be able to believe that something with the magnitude and scope of an Avenger story could be given justice with one movie. And I was right… it is taking 3 of them. So don’t miss them.  Thor opens this May at a theater near you, and the Avengers flick will be out in 2012.  You’ve been having second thoughts about making fun of Thor’s little hammer…


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