Who Knew? Star Wars Musical From 1996 Crushed by Lucas Resurfaces!

I didn’t even know that a Star Wars Musical existed, but I guess one did in a galaxy far, far, away, or for you non-scientific types, 1996.  It was a small production put on by some High-School drama students that packed the house for its first three nights until Emperor Lucas shut the whole thing down with a cease-and-desist order.  What a d*ck!  I’ve watched a good chunk of the production, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why Darth George would even waste his companies time to get it shut down.  I mean, it was a f*cking High-School production!  It’s not like they were filming this thing and getting to release it on the big screen.  I’m sure all of the proceeds went to the vomit powder fund that Janitors use to clean up drunk teen puke in the lunchroom, so it’s not like this school was making millions off of Lucas’s IP.

Luckily, 15 years later the full show has finally made its way to the World via Vimeo.  I’m attaching it below for you to check out the Star Wars musical that caused a billionaire to take steps to get it shut down.  Trust me, it’s nothing that warranted a cease-and-desist from Lucasfilm, but it is very creative and unique.  I have no clue which musicals the show’s songs creatively borrowed from, but I’d imagine you theater geeks may hear some of your favorite show tunes tweaked with some Star Wars references in the video below.  If you have any interest you better watch it soon, because I have a feeling that the Imperial forces over at Lucasfilm will act soon to get it removed.  You’ve decided that Darth Vader shouldn’t be in a musical, because he comes off even more feminine than the way he was portrayed by Hayden Christensen…

Star Wars Musical Act 1.1



Star Wars Musical Act 1.2



Star Wars Musical Act 1.3



Star Wars Musical Act 2.1



Star Wars Musical Act 2.2



Star Wars Musical Act 2.3



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