Who Knew That the SF Bay Area Fog Could be so Serene Looking

Still from Adrift video

Still from Adrift video

Vimeo user Simon Christen has published a video love letter to the fog that inhabits the San Francisco Bay area in his latest short called Adrift. The project is one of the most beautiful and serene looking time lapse videos of nature in action that I’ve personally ever seen, and it has already been awarded a Vimeo Editor’s choice award after being on their site for only 24 hours.

The sheer scope of this project is amazing to think about. Christen took two years to film the less than 5-minute piece, and he painstakingly stalked the Bay area weather reports each and every day to figure out the best times to film the fog and its steady flow over the landscape. His hard work definitely paid off, because Adrift is one of the most serene scenes of Mother Nature in action in existence, and nearly every single frame of the video could be hung in an art museum.

If you’ve been having a rough day, or just want to relax for 5-minutes, I highly suggest checking out the awesomeness that our Earth provides for free after the break.


(Hit the link above to read about the entire film making process)

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