Back in the days of the PS2 in 2003, there was a game developed by Crystal Dynamics that wasn’t too well known. It involved a certain woodland creature and his ‘friend’. The two unlikely heroes are chained to one another and must overcome many obstacles to make it to the end. This is Whiplash.

Whiplash is a game I have fond memories of. Like many games from my childhood, it very likely looks a lot better in my head than it does in front of me now, but it’s nice to occasionally reminisce on the days gone by, and so this post aims to do just that for Whiplash.


Whiplash was made strictly for the PS2 and Xbox and so I have no way of going back to the game and digging into the zany world again. The two woodland creatures in question were of the rabbit and weasel variety, with the weasel of course being the character with the most control. I remember Whiplash as being a very offensive game in terms of animal abuse, were it released today I could foresee legions of angry animal rights protesters attempting to halt the release of the game. Lucky for me though, it was not boycotted from release, and instead came out in all its rabbit abusing glory.


The premise was so simple, yet so perfect. Controlling Spanx (the weasel) was as easy as any other platformer, and the rabbit (Redmond) would simply go wherever Spanx would go since he had no choice in the matter. After they escape a horrible experiment, the two must help one another on a quest to the endgame. Though Redmond is compact and furry, he is not without his uses. Since he was experimented on greatly with hair products and make up, he has become somewhat invincible, and so this enables him to get himself and Spanx out of some sticky situations.

Redmond also has some hilarious quotes which still hold up well today. For example, if you set him on fire it turns out that he is most certainly not a fan of that.

“I can’t believe you just set me on fire! You literally set me aflame! Do you know how inappropriate that is?” – Redmond

Besides the quotes from Redmond, the whole game is a bit of a joke, but that does not make it a bad one. At the time, I would have played a game like Whiplash for the gameplay anyway, but overall it provided for an enjoyable experience. Whiplash is no Crash or Spyro, but it knew that it was not, and so tried to be something different entirely. It got an average reception; some people thought it was great, others not so much. I fell into the first category. Maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor? Who knows, all I know is that Whiplash has given me some great memories, and no critic can take those away.



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