Why A Self-Admitted Fandroid Went With an iPad 2

If you’ve been a staunch supporter of mine then you clearly know that my allegiances lies with Google and its Android OS.  I love tooting their horn, and absolutely adore their products.  I’ve used 3 Droids with the Thunderbolt being my current smartphone of choice, and I use the Google Suite of apps to manage my life.  With that being said you’d think someone like me would rather have one of the new Android tablets coming out and not the competition, but you and me would be wrong.

You see, I’ve been pining for a tablet since this time last year, and for someone who can’t really wait for anything I applaud myself for being as patient as I was.  I knew Apple would be improving upon their original iPad, and at the time I was recently retired, so I passed on the first gen Pad.  After that I got into the Droid Life and never thought I’d give two sh*ts about the iPad again, because I was completely smitten with the freedom that the Android OS provides versus the Nazi like control Apple has over its devices.  So I kept on waiting for the lineup of Android tablets to come out to see if they could fill the fix I was needing in regards to the tablet scene.  They did come out, but none of them really could compete with the iPad until Motorola launched the Xoom.

I finally thought that I’d be getting the Android tablet that I so desperately wanted, but much to my dismay the Xoom launched to less than stellar reviews.  The hardware is fantastic and technically superior to the iPad 2, but the Xoom was lacking in an area that I wasn’t prepared to wait another year for, which is available apps and software.  Android 3.0 Honeycomb was made exclusively for the Android tablet market, but it’s first run didn’t come until the Xoom launched.  This proved to be the Xoom’s biggest downfall, because its OS was slightly buggy, and out of all the apps available on the Android Market only a handful of them are supported on tablets.  As you can see, if I just bit the bullet and grabbed the Xoom just to spite my Fandroid allegience I would basically be getting an underwhelming experience for the next few months, or at least until Google patched up their tablet OS.

Considering I have already waited a year for a tablet the thought of not having an amazing experience right out of the box led me to my decision of buying an iPad 2.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think Apple needs to lighten up and open up their OS for people to customize, but I’d be flat out bullsh*tting you if I said that the iPad 2 isn’t the best tablet experience to date.  I haven’t even fired mine up yet to know that either, because it’s a known fact that the iPad 2 will be an awesome experience.  Look at its little brother’s track record, and all of the praise it has been getting from the media!  You basically can’t fail with an iPad, so that’s why I went with it versus the not-yet buttoned up experience that the Android tablets are providing.

My Mistress


It still feels odd to own an Apple product, and I’d love to be able to customize the sh*t out of it like my Thunderbolt, but I can honestly say that I’m almost relieved to know that I won’t have to spend hours upon hours customizing my iPad 2.  Apple’s iOS is what it is.  It’s not like I can play around and change the way my screens look, so like I said it’s almost easier to just be lazy and go for the proven, yet simple experience that the iPad 2 has to offer.  Besides, it’s probably a good thing for someone who critiques electronics to actually use some Apple products so I can shake some of my Fandroidism while reviewing their products.  I may not agree with every Apple fanboy out there, nor am I drinking from the Cupertino Kool-Aid, but I’d be an as* to try and pretend that the current Android tablets are just as complete as Apple’s line of iPads.

Am I a sell out?  Sure, a little bit, there’s no doubt, but I feel like I’m selling out my own head and not the entire line of Android products.  I can promise you that I have no thoughts of going full Apple.  My Thunderbolt will remain by my side like a cowboys faithful six-shooter, and I haven’t thrown out my PC just yet.  I’m sure one day I’ll move on to an Android tablet, but at this time, and for the foreseeable future, I can honestly say that the iPad 2 has no competition.

That’s why I went with it, and the fact that my trusted Apple Fanboy Advisor Hank the Gank basically made me feel like a retard for even considering an Android tablet in their current state.  I hate to admit it, but he is right (Don’t worry, I convinced him to ditch his iPhone 4 for a Droid, so we’re even)!  Fear not though fellow Fandroids, this is more of an affair than a full on separation from my little green friend.  Stay tuned for my full iPad 2 review, which will go down sometime this week.  You’ve either gained or lost a little respect for the EB…

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