Anyone that knows me will also know that despite being recently turned to a huge PC gamer, I have always at heart been about the console experience. No matter how supreme PC gaming may be, I have always felt that nothing beats kicking back with a controller in your hand and speaking to friends for hours at a time. As opposed to being hunched over a keyboard on, (in my case) a rather uncomfortable chair.

Nintendo was, from what I remember, my first ever system, and I think Aladdin was my first ever game. From memory I remember being completely enamored with the game and the thrilling moments it provided me with, very clearly this was to be the start of something very special. The likes of Mario did not enter my life until a little later on, but again he and friends provided me with some wonderful times I will not soon forget.


What I found perhaps most perplexing though, was that after my initial introduction to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, despite loving it, I only really have PlayStation memories. PlayStation was my Nintendo and it pushed me through my wonderful childhood as gently or as harshly as I allowed. For all intents and purposes, there was nothing more than PlayStation in terms of console gaming for me. As I have aged however, I have managed to stay with the times, and keeping track with the current and latest generation of consoles has been a breeze compared to when I was a child and such undertakings were impossible thanks to financial issues. Nintendo home consoles left my life for way too long.

A few years ago I did have a very brief Nintendo relapse with the Nintendo Wii, however it really was brief. With no powerful PC and and an Xbox 360 closely on the horizon I found that the Wii was far too casual for what I had wanted, and so a year or two into the start of its life I ended up selling the Wii and never looked back. Ever since my Wii, I aimed only for games where graphical prowess and bang-up gameplay would work in tandem. Recently however, I discovered that my naivety was my downfall, and discovered a treasure trove of games that would totally change how I felt about Nintendo.

Mario Kart 8 was the first game that changed my mind about Nintendo, and making the decision to purchase a Wii U might have been one of my greatest in recent years based on material possessions. After the Wii leaving a bitter taste in my mouth, it really was a leap into the unknown. Many people loved the Wii, and they were right to. It delivered Nintendo experiences which no other platform could recreate, and games which were a lot of fun. Having being spoiled by high definition graphics however, I never gave it the chance it deserved. Even brilliant games like Mario Kart Wii never convinced me that the console was as fantastic as everyone perceived it. The low resolution graphics were more than an eyesore to me, and detracted from my entire experience.


Then after some time, the Wii U came along sporting 1080p and 60FPS in turn pulling me back to Nintendo. Sure, we would all be foolish to consider it as powerful as a PC or current generation console, but the thing is that it packs a massive punch in a whole different way. My snobbish attitude to gorgeous graphics is the result of hundreds of developers vying for my intention by always improving in one area. Nintendo has always been a generation behind in terms of graphics, but generations ahead in terms of maintaining a consistent and loyal playerbase thanks to quite plainly sticking to the plan.

The reason for this is that despite changes in hardware, the Nintendo formula stays the same throughout. Mario will always have his killer mustache and hat, and the Zelda games will always have Link in some form or other. The point I am making here is that Nintendo are masters of nostalgia in every respect. The feelings felt from playing a Nintendo game are indescribable to say the least, and for me prove that no matter how far gaming advances it will always need Nintendo to stay relevant in many manners.


Having rediscovered my Nintendo love with the Wii U, I could not fathom why there are people out there who have money, yet refuse to buy a Wii U due to being too proud to be associated with a console seemingly aimed at a demographic that is not them. Considering the system childish or “for babies” has to be the worst excuse I have ever heard and has no rationale. In my opinion, Nintendo aims the Wii U (or any of its consoles for that matter) at people who want to smile whilst playing, no matter the genre. The vibrant Super Mario 3D World is the perfect example of the power of Nintendo, and shows that, despite looking like a childs game, beauty really is skin deep. That is not to say the game is ugly though, because it is bloody marvelous looking.

The current games the system has should really be more than enough to warrant purchase, but there are so many more coming which are sure to keep things exciting for Wii U owners. If Splatoon does not have your interest then perhaps the new as yet unnamed Zelda game will. I, for one, am incredibly excited for Mario Maker, along with so many new and exciting experiences awaiting gamers. Nintendo, as always, are at the top of their game.

What this all comes down to though, is that I simply refuse to believe that there is not at least one first party Nintendo title that any one gamer likes. If you have avoided Nintendo or the Wii U for any of the reasons above, then I strongly recommend you try one out as soon as possible, because you might well be missing out on some fantastic feelings that the likes of a first person shooter or AAA action/adventure game will never ever give you. Nintendo isn’t going anywhere, and you should be comfortable with that.

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