Happy Young Woman Listening To Music
Happy Young Woman Listening To Music

Downloading really is “so last decade,” as silly as it may feel to say it. The truth is, there’s just not much point to downloading your music to your iPhone or Android anymore. True, there are some releases that are fairly rare that you won’t be able to get without downloading, and it’s not a bad idea to have a few albums downloaded for travel in case you go through an area where you’re not getting any bars, but by and large, most of the music that you would want to hear is available to stream, and preferable to stream, as well.

Downloading Takes Forever

Downloading takes awhile, and it’s not just the downloading itself, it’s everything that goes with it. First, you have to go and look up an artist’s discography and figure out which albums and singles you want to bother with and which ones you don’t. Next, you need to find a download link and make sure it’s legit. From there, you actually have to wait for it to download and then you need to organize your folders and hope you have enough space for another album. Then, you need to build a playlist and, finally, you get to listen to your music. By now you’ve probably spent an hour or two just trying to get this far. With streaming, you click play, and that’s that.

Instant Access Across Platforms

When you bought a new phone a few years ago, say, before WiFi hotspots became as prevalent as they are today, it was always a long process of transferring your music over from one phone to the other. If both phones weren’t compatible with the same SD card, this could take a long, long time. Now you can share instantly across multiple platforms. Anything you can stream on your BlackBerry, you can stream on your iPhone and on your laptop and on your tablet and even on your game console. Granted, you don’t need internet access to stream as long as you have cell service, but finding an affordable internet service through comparison sites like can help you set up WiFi coverage to ensure a steady and faster streaming experience.

More Streaming Options Than Ever

If you want to listen to some wild independent and underground music, you have Bandcamp and Soundcloud. If you’re in the mood to watch a music video, there’s Youtube. If you want to discover new music, you have Spotify and Pandora. And of course you have the standard iTunes and Google Music to grab full albums and singles. Spotify is adding a new service to recommend music specifically for you. You don’t get that from downloading.

The Technology is There

According to the Washington Business Journal, Comcast just added about 3,800 WiFi hotspots in Washington alone. A few years ago, it made more sense to download because you can’t be certain that you would always have access to high-speed Internet, but today, you can get high-speed DSL in rural zones, and you can find a WiFi hotspot in nearly any city and small town in the U.S. Constant Internet everywhere may still be a few years away, but we’re not far off right now.


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