Why The Touch of Malice is the Best Weapon in Destiny

Exotic items seem like they are easy to come by in The Taken King and that is not necessarily a bad thing. The Three of Coins consumable makes it somewhat easy to obtain them, and when Xur rolls into to town you can also buy yourself exotic items. There is also another way to obtain an exotic weapon, and that is through completing quests. One such exotic I obtained through quests is the Touch of Malice, which I consider to be one of the finest weapons in Destiny.

The Touch of Malice is easily the best weapon of The Taken King because it was specifically created by Eris for you. She created a weapon for you to hunt the Hive and cause them as much pain as they caused her when she was being touted by them. This weapon not only looks badass, but it is powerful, especially during the raid, and does a considerable amount of damage if a Titan on your raid team drops Weapons of Light. The perks for The Touch of Malice are also great. Be wary though because the more damage you do, your health suffers. If you are wondering why your health suffers it is because there is a small blight (darkness) that grows with each hit, hence why your health degenerates.

To obtain the Touch of Malice there are a few¬†quests that are given to you by Eris after you have collected a certain amount of calcified fragments. The best advice I can give you is collect as many as you can right away. If you’re having trouble locating calcified fragments click here for an easy step by step guide. There is one quest from Eris that also requires you complete the raid, so good luck with that challenge Guardians. Also, please note there is one step of the quest that requires you to collect 50 weapon parts and 50 hadium flakes. The hadium flakes will probably be the worst part of getting The Touch of Malice, but it will be worth it.

Yes, I know that the quest steps from Eris seems never ending, but once you obtain the Touch of Malice it will all be worth it. Take a look at the screen shot below of what the finished product looks like.


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