Wicked Lasers Creates First Lightsaber Like Device!!

There is a God!  Ever since I saw Obi-Wan give Luke his Father’s blue lightsaber I’ve always dreamed of owning one myself one day.  I’ve come close to having a lightsaber with the fake MasterFX versions, but banging on things with a plastic tube just didn’t feel authentic.  Fear not Jedi and Sith wannabees, Wicked Lasers in Shanghai has created the first lightsaberish device with their Spyder III Pro Arctic laser!  It’s time to start blinding people!

Now this “laser” won’t cut through blast doors, or deflect bullets, but the company does claim that it can burn through human skin, blind people, and cut through plastic objects.  Sounds pretty good for a first generation lightsaber to me.  The best part is that the Artic costs less than $200 bones, so it’s an affordable way to hone your saber skills.  I’m just amazed that these things are legal.  I guess China does have some relaxed regulations after all!  Go Commies!

Take a look at some of the pictures for the Spyder III Pro Arctic, and tell me that Wicked Lasers isn’t trying to market this device as a lightsaber.  It has a hilt that looks suspiciously like a lightsaber handle from the Star Wars films, and the way the pictures are shot they scream Jedi sidearm.  They totally want people to buy these as working lightsabers, and use them as weapons of destruction.

Head on over to Wicked Lasers’ site to read more details.  I love the fact that they send you a pair of safety goggles to use this thing, and all of the warning labels on the site spell imminent disaster to someone who crosses a Jedi’s path who has this weapon.  Go China!  You’ve been blinded by some dude wearing a Jedi robe with a laser pointer…

All Images Courtesy of Wicked Lasers

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