Wildstar Dev Speak Video Details Freeform Targeting


The team at Carbine Studios is hard at work developing the upcoming MMO, Wildstar. From everything they have shown the public so far, Wildstar is shaping up to be one of the most innovating and refreshing MMORPGs of all time. he media has been buzzing about the title since its announcement, and much to the excitement of the gaming world, Carbine hasn’t been keeping Wildstar from  the public’s eyes.

Carbine has been steadily releasing videos during developments, aptly titled ‘Dev Speak’, that allow the team to show off some of the game’s most interesting features. These Dev Speak videos have been excellent in terms of keeping fans up to date on all of the latest Wildstar news, and have certainly got this author pretty excited to step back into the MMO-sphere.

The newest Dev Speak video, “Aiming”, goes into detail about just that – Wildstar’s combat aiming systems. The developer goes into detail about the various different types of aiming that have all been tested development, from MOBA inspired ‘skill shots’, to traditional tab-based aiming systems. After trying out all of the various systems, the developers reveal that they created their own systems that goes hand-in-hand with Wildstar’s signature focus on movement during combat. The system, called Freeform Targeting, allows players to aim each and every one of their various skills and spells.

This will come as a serious point of excitement to the multitude of jaded MMO veterans across the globe, as this little bit of innovation will surely go a long way to creating additional depth in combat, as well as allow for some creative spell combinations.

Check out the Dev Speak – Aiming video below, and expect Wildstar to hit store shelves before the year’s end.

Wildstar Combat Dev Diary – “Aiming” HD:

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