WildStar’s Final Two Races Megapost: Trailers, Screens, Concept Art and More


The final two playable races in the upcoming MMORPG, WildStar has just been revealed and we have you covered on every little detail about them. The two races are named the Chua and Mordesh, and in keeping with the spirit of WildStar, both races have their own share of quirks.

The Chua are small, spunky and rodent-like. They are expert engineers and can build just about anything. In stark contrast are the Mordesh, large pale blue beings infected with some kind of disease, the Mordesh are masters of alchemy and science. Both races were debuted in a reveal trailer, which can be found below.

The reveal trailer isn’t the new information released about the Chua and Mordesh today, however. Dozens of in-game screenshots revolving around the two races were recently released, as well as concept art showing the two races and their various appearances during development.

But wait, there’s more! In the spirit of keeping the hype train rolling, official WildStar artwork featuring the two races has also fallen into our excited little hands.

You read this all right – a new race reveal, as well as a brand-spanking new trailer, screenshots, original art and concept art – all released today and located below for your viewing pleasure. The only thing that could be more exiting would be WildStar getting released today.

WildStar is destined to be not only one of the most interesting MMORPGs of all time, but also one of the most colorful. With each and every bit of information revealed about the game’s world, lore and mechanics, it is abundantly clear that WildStar is being developed with the intentions of being different. In a world where many developers try to stick to a more serious approach to creating games, seeing a massive game like WildStar not be afraid to take itself too seriously is a breath of fresh air.

Check out WildStar‘s Chua and Mordesh trailer and image galleries below.

Chua and Mordesh Screenshot Gallery:
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Chua and Mordesh Concept Art:
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Chua and Mordesh Art Scans:
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 WildStar Final Two Races Reveal Trailer: Chua and Mordesh [HD]:

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