I don’t know about the rest of you, but I used to be a huge Tiger Woods fan.  I still am, but his luster is waning, and his game has become mortal, so I don’t have the same OMG reaction I used to concerning him.  I could care less about his off the course BS, I’ve lost some of my adoration for him because he’s become an every man.  Have you watched any of his 6 tournaments this year?  Tiger looks lost.  His game is a mess and no longer envied.

For someone like me who has followed him from the beginning, it’s like watching Superman try and be heroic with a chunk of Kryptonite in his shorts.  It’s painful to watch Tiger become human.  He can’t make the pressure putts anymore, he can’t hit a fairway to save his life, and he just doesn’t have the influence on the course that he used to have.  Other golfers no longer have to fear his name if it creeps up on the leaderboard, because they know he’ll eventually make some mistakes and fade away.

I get it that he placed 4th at two majors after taking a long break, but we’re talking about Tiger F’ ing Woods people!  This guy holds the course record at Augusta, and he has the largest margin of victory at Pebble Beach, so he should play well at those venues.  If you watched him play in these 2 majors, you saw first hand that he really had no shot at winning.  He looked, dare I say, like a normal guy.  You could see very clearly that he didn’t have his Tiger game going.

I don’t know how to explain it, but if you’ve followed the guy from the begining, you know what I mean.  He used to enter tournaments and absolutely destroy them.  Now he’s lucky to make the cut.  It really is sad to see what happened to him.  Just look at last week’s Open Championship.  He missed a ridiculous amount of short putts that the old Tiger would have made with one of his Ho’s covering his eyes.  It was depressing, and only cemented the fact that Tiger may have finally lost his edge.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he may not end up beating Jack’s record.  Before all of this crap went down, I felt like it was a only a matter of time before he’d beat it, now I’m left wondering if he’ll ever win a major again.  He’s going to be 35 soon, and I know he’s in his prime, but most major champions don’t win them in bunches while in their late 30’s.

I know I’m hating, but it’s only because I love the guy.  He truly used to be one of the best shows around.  He used to command my attention while he was playing on TV unlike any other athlete in this world.  Watching him play on a Sunday almost always meant I was in for a great time, and I was probably about to watch another piece of golf history.  Now it’s almost painful.  I feel horrible watching him play, because you know he’s dying inside.  It gives me douche-chills similar to watching reality TV stars act like dipsh*ts on national TV.

The robot Earl built inside Tiger is finally dead, and we’re slowly seeing what that looks like.  I hope I’m wrong and just being an angry fanboy, but I just don’t see the same Tiger on the course anymore.  Trust me, I know that golf is hard and Tiger is going through some personal stuff, but you have to admit that he just doesn’t seem like the same competitor anymore.  Check out this article on for a good read on the Tiger decline.  You’ve been exposed to a super athlete in shambles.

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