Will Izzo be Coaching Lebron Jizzle?

All kinds of planets and stars would have to lineup for this to happen, but with all of the talk going on it may be a possibility.  The Cleveland Cavs have been pursuing Michigan State’s Basketball Coach pretty hard this week offering up to $6 million bones a year to come be their coach.  Living in Big Ten country I can tell you that Tom Izzo is the freaking man when it comes to NCAA Men’s B-ball, and I think he’d make a good fit in Cleveland.

I really don’t think he’ll make the jump because he’s been quoted saying that he doesn’t want to leave MSU until he wins another title, but we all know that money talks.  $6 million a year sounds like a very enticing incentive to leave East Lansing and head for the slums of Cleveland.  I guarantee that no decision will be made by Izzo until the whole King James drama plays itself out in early July, when he hits the free agent market.

Right now Lebron is holding the NBA’s balls in the palm of his hand.  The whole damn league is focused on what he’ll do.  Hell, the whole damn nation is getting involved in the Lebron free agency dilemma.  Howard Stern said yesterday that he was approached by a private company to join the campaign to bring Lebron to NYC.  Do you think Lebron feels like he is God yet?

Anyway, we’ll  have to wait and see what Lebron does first before the whole Izzo as Cavs coach campaign can conclude.  I think if it all pans out and Lebron stays and Izzo joins up the Cavs may be able to get out of the East, and Lebron can finally start winning championships like Kobe.  Stay tuned for more news, I guarantee you won’t miss a beat.  You’ve been Lebroned…

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