Win: Epically Violent Walking Dead Cartoon by a 13-year Old Animator

I think I just stumbled upon the hardest working 13-year old in the Universe.  Nick Mastrangelo is an aspiring animator who is only in middle school, yet he’s managed to produce one of the raddest things I’ve seen on the Internet this week via his animated The Walking Dead short about Daryl Dixon.  When I was 13 I was too busy trying to get girls to explore my treasure trail in the woods behind my buddy’s house, so I can’t even comprehend how Nick has enough focus at such a young age to work on his passion in life.

Good for freaking him!  I don’t think we’d have nearly as many sons living in their Mom’s basement when they’re 30 if only more kids could figure out what the hell they want to do at 13 like Nick.  What a pimp!  I don’t think he’ll need to look too hard for a job when he’s ready.  You’ve been wishing you had a talented kid like Nick to retire your ass at a young age…

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – animation music video

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