Windjammersis easily one of the greatest early over-the-top sports games, between the visual flares, the tight as hell gameplay, and crazy capabilities of certain characters, it’s a classic. I only discovered the game a couple of years ago, and was immediately hooked, my friends and I played it for weeks on weeks together, but we still go back to it now and again. I was absolutely floored when I heard that the game was getting a sequel in 2019, it’s like a dream come true. I thought it was some random, niche game that I had discovered, but no, this game has a huge following, and now it’s finally coming back!

The demo that I got to play at PAX East this year allowed me three games against my opponent (hats off to you, random dude).  This proved to be insanely fun and offered more than the original game did in terms of gameplay options. Now, when someone lobs a Frisbee at you, instead of waiting for it to come down, you can jump up and spike it down at them with incredible force, it’s extremely satisfying to pull off! You also have a super meter that slowly fills up at you play, and lets you rip your super move for free once it fills. Rather than having to bounce it up in the air and stand under it, this is a nice change of pace, and it can break up a routine volley. The last new option that I got to check out was a slap that you can use to counter someone’s throw. This can even be used to counter a super move and slap it right back at the enemy, the only problem is that you have to charge it, and stand still. This can only be used when you know exactly where that Frisbee is going to go, otherwise it’ll whiz right past you while you slap at empty air.

Needless to say, the sequel feels like more Windjammerswith just enough added features to make it worth checking out. I have no doubt that this game will attract huge crowds, from both newcomers and veterans alike. I can’t wait to see tournaments of this game, it’s so fast and flashy that your eyes can’t help but light up when you see it. You should absolutely be excited for this game to come out, keep your eyes peeled for it!

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