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If you were around and gaming back in 1994 you may be familiar with a little NEOGEO title called Windjammers. Well, thanks to the retro-revitalization era in the gaming industry, you can now return to Windjammers on the PS4 and PS Vita thanks to its cross-buy re-release on those platforms. Of course the game has gotten some updates since it’s ’94 debut, which are mostly featured in the online modes. As I found out while playing, Windjammers may look simple on the outside and feel simple to play, but it offers gameplay that is difficult to master and plenty of addictive qualities, so to find out if this is a game for you, I suggest watching/reading the full review below.

Hey now frisbee fans, Matt Heywood here to review the NEOGEO classic, Windjammers, which is now available for the PS4 and PS Vita.

If you like games with simple mechanics that take time to master, and gameplay that is more addicting than nicotine, then Windjammers will be right up your alley.

Think of it as TRON’s disc throwing game with an infusion of surfer dudes and babes and air hockey. You take on either an AI or real life opponent in a battle of fast twitch skills as you toss super powered frisbees in an enclosed arena with the hopes of hitting one of your opponents goals.

Frisbees can be banked off of walls air hockey-style by aiming with your thumbtack. They can also be thrown straight, or with some added juice if you time a button press perfectly while defending an incoming shot. You can even charge up a super power shot if you time your defense perfectly, which in turn allows you to use your character’s super move. These range from supercharged spinning frisbees encased in flames, or a frisbee that charges up like Sonic the Hedgehog’s spinning attack.

The gameplay is simple to pick up, but takes time to master. This doesn’t mean Windjammers is frustrating, it just takes a few matches to learn its nuances, and once you do, you’ll find it hard to put down.

The game has multiple modes to explore, which include a single-player arcade mode, an infinite mode, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer. There are also two mini-modes that involve throwing a frisbee for a dog to catch, as well as a spin on bowling using the Windjammer disks as the ball.

I mostly played against the AI, and had a blast working through the arcade mode, which pits you against the other playable characters across the available arenas. Each player has different special moves, so playing the arcade tournament is almost like playing through a fighting game’s ladder in which you take on unique opponents in stages en route to the final match.

The different arenas also offer their own challenges, because some have walls in the middle of the map to offer more surfaces to bounce your disc off of. Plus, the goals in each arena are different in size and placement, so you can’t just rely on the same move over and over to win the day.

Windjammers is best played with friends, so if you don’t live with other gamers, or don’t play online, your time with it may not last too long. Although, I found the game hard to put down while playing solo, but I still think you’ll get more out of it with friends and playing online.

If you want to relive a classic alternate take on air hockey with hints of TRON’s disc game, then I do recommend picking up Windjammers, which is a cross-buy title for the PS4 and Vita. It’s simple to play, but requires skill to master, and if you have friends or other gamers in your house, then it will make for some exciting completive moments. It may be a fairly basic title, but it has an addicting quality, so Windjammers gets an 8 out of 10 score from Team EB.

It’s available now for $19.99 on the Vita and PS4, plus it’s a cross-buy, so you pay once for both platforms.

Thanks for watching, this is Matt Heywood signing off for Entertainment, where we make you a better geek, one post at a time.

Windjammers Review Summary

Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 7
Sound - 7
Entertainment Value - 9.5


TRON Hockey

Windjammers is easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master, which adds to its addictive qualities. It's best played with other gamers, but also offers single-player experiences.

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Review Statement: The author of this review was provided a PS4 code by the publisher for the purposes of this review.

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