Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death Gets all Smiley Facey

An image of Window’s 8 blue screen of death have surfaced, and rather than showing massive amounts of error codes and other useless sh*t, it’ll now just display a frowning smiley face (wait, a frowning smiley face, hmmm..).  To be honest with you nothing is worse than the BSOD, this especially rings true for IT professionals across the world.  I too once slaved away for the Man as an IT guru, and that damn BSOD still haunts me.  I do like the new look of it in Windows 8 though.

This is mainly because the screen is no longer full of bullsh*t.  Now it explicitly states which error code your experiencing, and what to search on to remedy it.  It’s definitely very Apple-ish.  So what do you think about everyone’s favorite little BSOD now?  Let us know using the comments section below.  You’ve physically caused a few BSODs yourself, punching computers is not the way to fix them…


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