In the fall of 2012 on October 26th, Microsoft plans to release Windows 8, its new computer operating system, to the world. Windows 8 will be full of unique features and a new look. Some of these features have already been examined, while others have yet to be unveiled.

Booting Up

Windows 8 gives users a brand new way to start up their computers faster and with enhanced desktop-ready capabilities. The creative team behind Windows 8 put a great deal of emphasis on the system’s booting time and features. Perhaps most impressive, booting up from a cold start will take now only eight seconds, unlike the much lengthier Windows 7.


This operating system will combine features of a traditional computer, a tablet, and a smartphone all in one. The operating system will contain tiles that will launch on touch. It will still be possible for individuals to use the keyboard instead of touch screen if they have an older computer that does not include touch capabilities. Instead of requiring you to search through your program files for software, the touch tiles will allow you to access them in seconds. Each tile will be representative of an application on the system, and each application will be able to send notifications when it is available. Windows 8 is also supposed to give you the ability to easily share documents, photos, and the like from one app to another.


Windows 8 will heavily emphasize the use of all types of applications. In the Windows store, you will be able to try out applications prior to purchasing them. In addition to the apps available for sale, the Windows store will also feature many apps that can be installed for free. The store will work with a variety of other operating systems, including those for Windows tablets and smartphones, in addition to Windows 8.

Cloud Sync

Cloud sync is a Microsoft service that will allow you to use Windows 8 to easily store any data you wish to back up, or to be able to access somewhere else online. You can then access this data from any computer by logging in to the service. You will also be able to use this service to synchronize all of your favorite settings automatically.

Other Features

Tool bars and task bars will be located by moving your finger or mouse to the left hand corner of the screen. Settings and other task buttons will be found by moving to the right and clicking on the settings button. They will remain in hiding until you need them, increasing the useable space on your desktop. It will still be possible to place files and folders on your desktop for easy access. Cleaning up your computer should be easy with the new refresh system, which helps you quickly remove components that are not in use.

Windows 8 has received generally positive reviews for its previews. Users are looking forward to its full version this fall, especially due to the new convenience features it will include like improved booting and more efficient memory usage.



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