Windows 8: Reasons Why It Is Called the Re-Creation of Windows

Windows 8 was just released in California as the Re-Creation of Windows. This has a special meaning that is probably not that apparent to most normal personal computer users. The Windows 8 download is a big change in the way we have been using our computers, and it is a very big change in the way that Windows originally introduced us to the idea of personal computing. Here is a look at why they have introduced it to us in this manner.

Multi Device: Originally, Windows, and all operating systems for that matter, were designed around the personal computer. We used our personal computer as a stand-alone device. We stored information on it. We sent emails and we kept everything to ourselves. This is not the case anymore.

Collaboration: Collaboration is the new buzzword of computing today. We no longer send emails, we use social media, and we share. Companies send use client-server based computing systems to keep their information safe on a central server, and we use other devices to access this information. Client-server applications are the same as cloud computing, just a smaller cloud. We can use multiple devices, with a browser to access those servers. Managed and secure servers are big business. When we change a file on the server, we change that file for everyone. You can use Google Docs is the very same way. This is collaboration. It is smarter and faster.

Mobile Computing: We are in an age of mobile computing. This was not the case when we first started using our personal computers. The new Windows 8 upgrade was released as an operating system for tablets. They are the perfect devices to demonstrate mobile computing. They boot fast, they are light, and we don’t store much information on them.

Cloud Computing: Now we are moving to a world of cloud computing. It is a new way of thinking. It is the way we access our bank, and access other information on the Internet. We do not store that information on our computers, and this is the biggest change to personal computing since it was invented. It is the biggest change ever. Windows 8 encourages this by allowing us to use Internet computing language applications (based on HTML5) as normal applications on all of our devices. HTML5 applications will be the most common form of applications to come, and they are based on Internet use.

Now you can understand why they have called Windows 8 ‘The Re-Creation of Windows’, because it is about a new way of computing that we have already been moving towards. It is very different from what we originally we introduced to by Windows. The Windows forums are loaded with discussion on this topic. Windows 8 will help us to collaborate, share and do more online, while keeping us safer at the same time.


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