Windows 8: Will Everyone Be Able to Make an Application?

News and rumors related to Windows 8 development and features are turning into something like a magical-mystery tour. The only concrete features we have had access to were those explained in the video of the D9 developer conference in Taiwan several months ago. Most of us have seen Silverlight on our computers, and yet we have never known what it is, or was – was, being the most appropriate, or inappropriate, term at this time.

Silverlight was sold to developers as the cross-platform and cross-browser issues. Now developers have found out, with little warning, HTML5 and JavaScript are the new tools to build Windows applications. Even though standard application coding will also be possible, the general message is to start building everything with HTML5 and JavaScript! Here is a composite look at the situation, and how it will influence us as consumers.

Career Changer: Imagine you have invested a lot of time and money to learn all of the technologies Microsoft has been pushing, and now they have stepped away from that in one clean side-step. It is like you have put a decade or more into learning everything about being a carpenter, and now the world of furniture is only available from IKEA. Anyone with a little practice can learn HTML5 and JavaScript. There are hundreds of simple programs that will even write these relatively simple codes for you.

What is HTML5: HTML5 is the language for presenting the internet. It is the core technology of the internet. Invented in the early 90s, it became a standard by 1997 (fourth version HTML4), and HTML5 is obviously, the latest version. HTML5 is still under development and yet is already being used to build websites, and is being designed to absorb all other code used on the internet, such as HTML4, XHTML and even JavaScript.

HTML5 Replacing Coding: There are a large number of programming languages to create applications that will run well on Windows. You may have heard of C., C++, Ada, Java, C# and more. Learning how to use these languages takes some effort and skill. Further to that, getting everything right to work with the Windows operating system is not an easy task.

Writing code in HTML is very easy and many more people have been using HTML for a long time (many of them are website designers). If HTML5 becomes the language to use for building Windows 8 applications, imagine how many people will now be able to create software applications? This will be great for us the consumers, but it is a real threat to those who have invested their career in other code learning.

Jupiter: More rumors are circulating that may have the developers in another spin. Jupiter is a big part of those rumours concerning developers. Reversed engineered leaked code from Microsoft has given weight to those rumors. The word on the street is that existing developers will be able to use their skills to work with the Jupiter platform – the platform to write applications for both Windows 8 and the Windows Phone.

As general consumers we do not see all the career changing, conflicting technologies and the radical changes that go on behind the scenes to create the new Windows 8 upgrade. If you are looking for a new career, and you always wanted to be in IT, spend a little time to learn HTML5, and you might have a new job or small business very soon.


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