Windward was one of the first games that I got my hands on at PAX. I waited a bit and watched a few other guys play the game, and it looked pretty cool! It reminded me of Assassin’s Creed IV and its sailing parts, but from a top-down view, the boats controlled very much like big pirate ships, which meant you had to constantly be thinking a few moments ahead. You can’t just keep sailing at full speed or when you try to get into a skirmish, you might just whiz right past the enemy and end up turning right into a wall or something, so you definitely have to think about each fight. Everyone has a set of skills that can be used and have a cool down, and they all have some pretty cool uses. Standard stuff like extremely powerful volleys can be used to deal heavy damage, but also things like smoke bombs to provide cover so that you can repair yourself help a lot.

Not much story was shown during the demo, it was pretty much just gameplay, and that’s fine, because what I got to see and play was pretty tight. You can take down enemy ships, cannon towers, and pillage towns for loots and goods to upgrade or repair your ship. This stuff is all cool, but what’s really cool is the multiplayer, because dozens upon dozens of people can all be playing in the same area, fighting, pillaging, burning lighthouses to the ground, and wreaking havoc. It’s a pretty fun aspect that I think will be a major selling point of the game. That, and the randomly generated worlds make for a different game every time you play. Not only that, but there’s terrain deformation, by launching bombs at land masses, you can destroy them completely and allow for more space for you to move. Stuck in a dead end with enemy pirates breathing down your neck, with just a small amount of land between you and the next chunk of water? Blow it up and move right along! It’s a great little tool and makes for some game-changers when situations get a little too hectic for you. Definitely be on the lookout for Windward’s full release, for MMO fans and pirate fans alike.

Check out the gallery below for shots of Windward from Tasharen Entertainment:


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