Winscape: Faux Windows for Your Corporate Prison

Anyone that has had the pleasure of working for a huge company in tiny little cubes with no view of the living world will appreciate Winscape.  Winscape is a software package that runs on your Mac, and iPhone for remote control capabilities, that will display outdoor scenery shots on two HD displays.  This combination effectively creates the illusion of having a window to the world in your otherwise depressing land of cubes.

The best part is that the video on the TV’s will track to your movement, so if you look left the displays will shift accordingly allowing you to see more scenery to the left just like you would if you looked out a real window.  It really is quite an impressive way to pretend that you’re working in a plush office, which has better views than the CEO of your company.

If you already have two HD displays, a Mac, an iPhone, and some wood trim you can create your cube paradise for less than $15.  The software for OS X runs $10, and the app for the iPhone costs $2.  You will also need an infrared device so your motion can be tracked while you move to give the illusion that you’re actually looking through a real window.  Check out the video below to see how exactly Winscape works.  It really is quite impressive, although I doubt you’ll have the freedom to set one up in your cube since most cube dwellers are at the bottom of the food chain.  I apologize for reminding you, take the gun out of your mouth.


You’ve been enlightened…

Via [Wired]


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