Wondering How to Transfer Your Old Xbox Data to the New Model?

If you’re remotely like myself you’re finding that you need to have the new Xbox 360 model that was revealed this week at E3.  I don’t know why I need it, I just do.  I always have to have the best gadgets on the market, so now that there’s a better Xbox 360 available, there’s a hole in my heart that needs filled.  The only thing that can do this is a new 360 with the matte black finish, 250 GB HDD, and built in Wireless N.

Understanding that the new Xbox model doesn’t support older memory cards and the old HDD’s from the original 360’s, I was wondering how I would get all my data moved to it.  Well it turns out that there is two ways to accomplish this.  The first way would entail using a USB drive and slowly moving your data over to the new Xbox.  This seems easy enough if you have less than 16GB to move, but what if you have more than 16GB’s to move?  Well, if you have tons of data to move you can use the Xbox 360 data transfer cable.

Luckily, I have purchased a few Xbox 360’s over the years, so I have one of these cables.  This is definitely the route I’ll be using when I get my new Xbox, so hopefully the cable and disc still work.  If you need a cable yourself you can pick one up here.  Hell, if you’re getting the cable you might as well order the new Xbox 360 too!  Let me know when you get yours, so I can hate you for it.  You’ve been bit buy the Xbox bug…

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