Wong Gets Back to the Basics in ‘Old School vs New School’ Short

Lately Freddie Wong and Company have been putting out videos commissioned by actual video game companies, and while they’ve been top-notch productions, there subject matter didn’t really appeal to me.  Well, it seems that freddiew has provided a cure for my Wong-blues today by releasing one of his classic YT shorts that made him, and his team, Internet legends.  Old School vs. New School is a tour de force through the annals of video game history completely done in real life.  I’m a big fan of bringing video games to life in our world, and that’s exactly what Freddie has done in force with this nostalgic short (well for anyone born in the 80’s at least).

Without spoiling it I’ll tease the video as being an all out war between classic 4-16 bit games, and some of the most iconic characters from the current generation of video games.  I love the concept, and love the fact that Freddie and Company have returned to some original bits.  You can check out this epic clash of old school and new school gaming franchise below.  For sh*ts and giggles try naming all of the video game franchises, and/or characters that appear in this short.  You’ve been loving Lara Croft in real life…

Old School vs. New School

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