Woolfe Is The Childrens Fantasy Kickstarter You Never Knew You Wanted

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries stars the classic heroine of the children’s stories, but instead of opting for the sweet and innocent Red Riding Hood we all know and love, players will play as a different kind of Red. A bloody one, if you will.

Red will run about a beautifully crafted twisted fantasy dream like world, on a 2D plane with (according to the trailer), moments that go beyond a 2D style. Red will take her axe and brutally destroy any foe dumb enough to get in her way. Thanks to the wonderful abilities of Kickstarter, Grin plan to offer backers the chance to really bring themselves in the game by means of a fully customized toy soldier of which Red will most likely be smashing up in front of your very eyes.


Grin does not just want to give players their own Toy Soldier however, they also want to give Red magic. Since the world has some twisted creatures, it only seems right that with that you would get some twisted magic. It turns out that you cannot simply click your fingers and have magic appear in the game. With that said, money pledged will be money which will give Red the ability to use some kick-ass (as yet unseen) magical abilities to aid her in the battle to get to B.B. Woolfe.

The guys over at Grin want to bring back the real tales, not the ones that Disney changed for a child friendly audience. You remember Pinocchio right? The lovable wooden boy who aches to be real? Well check out the above trailer and see just how and why Grin plans to shatter all your memories. Besides the not so lovable Pinocchio shown in the trailer footage, Red Riding Hood has her own tale of woe, which you can read directly below.

Four years ago, Red Riding Hood’s father Joseph, lead engineer for Woolfe Industries, died in a work accident. At least, that’s what his family was told. All grown-up and cried out, our heroine is ready to unveil the truth and present the bill for her tragic loss. 

She leaves her Granny and her safe place, the forest, and heads back to the city, which she finds paralyzed with fear and scarred by a plague of kidnappings. B.B. Woolfe, CEO of Woolfe Industries, rules the place with an iron fist and an ever present army of henchmen. The fearless young amazon engages in a violent vendetta against the megalomaniac, who turns out to hide secrets even darker than she could have imagined.

The tale of Red Riding Hood is to be as gritty and as dark as it could possibly get, and you can be apart of it today by backing the games Kickstarter right now.


With 21 days from now to go, and just under 40% of the overall target left to hit, Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries needs your help to become a reality.


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