Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel Headed to iOS

Publisher dreamfab has announced plans to release it’s first ever word puzzle game called Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel in early November.  This however is not your normal word puzzle game, as its unique style blends the classic word puzzle game-play with classic RPG features such as spells and potions.  I can’t envision exactly how this will work, but I am definitely intrigued.  So check out the full press release below, and make sure to check back here on for the full game review in the coming weeks.


dreamfab Brings Word Dueling Adventure to Mobile!

Regensburg, Germany – October 22, 2012 – dreamfab, GamesInFlames and Chimera Entertainment today announced that the word puzzle RPG Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel is coming soon to iPhone and iPad. With an exciting and unique mixture of word puzzle gaming and classic RPG features such as spells and potions, Word Wonders sends players on a spelling adventure through 50 unique duel stages, each with a challenging mystical opponent! Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel is slated for release in early November, for more information visit:


Word Wonders is the first word puzzle game that we have published, and the innovative concept and gameplay mechanics definitely stood out to us as a one-of-a-kind twist in the word game genre”, said Andreas Mihalovits, Managing Director of dreamfab. “Additionally, Word Wonders holds the distinction of supporting not only English but also French, German and Spanish to allow wider audiences to enjoy this unique game”.

“We are really excited that one of our favourite projects is finally coming to mobile platforms. With dreamfab we’ve found just the perfect publishing partner for a successful release.” said Chris Kluckner, Managing Director of developer Chimera Entertainment. “I think with Word Wonders we’ve hit the right spot to please a wide audience from core to casual gamers, from kids to their grandparents.”

About Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel:
Once upon a time humanity was united in tolerance and peace, and everyone spoke a common language. But as their power grew, so did their arrogance until they decided to build the infamous Tower of Babel to reach heaven. To punish humanity for their impudence the gods scattered them across the face of the Earth and confused their languages. Soon squabbling and conflict amongst the groups commenced until one young hero emerged to discover the truth of the Tower of Babel and return the ancient tongue to mankind.

In the Adventure Mode of Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel players assume the role of the young hero and climb the tower, level by level, to defeat the mystical guardians of the ancient tongue. The journey takes players through 50 stages, each with a challenging opponent that must be defeated in a duel of spelling and cunning. Using a magic Boost Board, players will unlock special abilities and spells, to help them deal more damage and earn more gold with each turn. Likewise, gold earned in duels can be used to purchase upgrades for the magic Boost Board, which will help players improve their hero and achieve even higher scores. Gold can also be used to purchase ingredients for the alchemy lab, where players will mix healing potions and other powerful items that replenish their energy, deal damage to their opponents, and more! In addition to Adventure Mode, Word Wonders also features a local 2-player Duel Mode where players can challenge their friends, choose a character from amongst the heroes and mystical creatures featured in the adventure, and enter into a word duel in one of several special 2-player stages.

This unique word puzzle RPG experience is available for PC and slated to launch on iOS platforms in early November in English, French, German and Spanish, so stay tuned at:

About dreamfab GmbH & Co KG.
Founded in December 2010, dreamfab is based in Regensburg, Germany, and specializes in the production and publishing of premium casual games. In 2011 dreamfab published their first award-winning titles, “Demolition Dash” and “Happy Hills”, and more recently, the highly successful “Saving Yello” and “Chasing Yello”. Other titles for iOS and Android will also be released in 2012.

About Chimera Entertainment:
Chimera Entertainment is an independent development studio for digital entertainment software focused on mobile games, online games and cross-platform development. Founded in 2006, Chimera Entertainment now employs over 25 people in the heart of Munich and has developed more than 10 titles on five platforms, including the browser-based MMOG “Warstory – Europe in Flames”, “Brain Training with Dr. Kawashima”, the browser game “Skylancer – Battle for Horizon”, the winner of the 2011 German Developer Award for mobile games, “Demolition Dash” and the nominee for “Best Mobile Game” in the “German Computer Game Awards 2012”, the iOS puzzle game “Happy Hills”.

For more information about Chimera Entertainment:


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