World of Tanks Update 9.10 Adds New Japanese Units; Screens Also Released

Wargaming has rolled out the 9.10 update for World of Tanks, which adds nine new Japanese tanks to the mix, as well as the new Rampage event.

One of the more notable additions to the Japanese forces is the Type 91, a Tier 3 unit, which is the first Japanese heavy tank in the game. A few of the other new tanks were mentioned in the official press release:

Tanks from Tiers 6–9, featuring the Tier 6 O-I, Tier 7 O-Ni, Tier 8 O-Ho, and Tier 9 Type 4 Heavy, boast tough armor and powerful weaponry. Finally, the Type 5 Heavy at Tier 10 has thick armor and a devastating 140 mm gun.

The Rampage event will feature Steel Hunt and Domination matches. In Steel Hunt players will use Tier 10 vehicles to capture flags and earn Victory Points, while in Domination players will be able to use Tier 8–10 vehicles to destroy enemy tanks and capture flags for Victory Points.

New map availability has also been added to World of Tanks, which will allow players to unlock new maps as they increase their Tier rank.

You can check out the new Japanese tanks by heading down below and scoping out the new screenshots. There’s also a trailer to watch after the screens.


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