World of Tanks Xbox One Launch Trailer and Screens

World of Tanks is here for Xbox One, launching at 6AM on July 28th, 2015, it’s finally time to get a taste of that tanky goodness and blow the ever-loving sh*t out of your friends in all-out tank warfare. It’s not so much that it’s an entirely new game, but the game is definitely using the full power of the Xbox One, even the graphical fidelity of the game is greatly increased, with better effects and textures that provide a much more cinematic experience even though the game is already quite a spectacle to behold.

Wargaming is pulling out all the stops on this one to bring the most badass, advanced version of the game to Xbox One owners, so check out the screens below and the trailer above, and get ready to sling some metal down the barrels of your enemies.

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