World War Machine Trailer Revealed to the World Wide Web

World War Machine is the latest project from the Square Enix Collective where it achieved a staggering 90% interest rating! The Collective is much like Steam’s Greenlight where games on it get a chance to be crowd-funded with the help of SE. The developers behind World War Machine, Tuque Games, have high hopes that their ARPG is going to turn heads; with the main feature of customizing your Mech being the most important. World War Machines places heavy focus on players being able to make machines their own in every sense could well be the games greatest asset.


World War Machine has you set out to discover just what it was that made all the humans vanish. The brief intro just given is nothing on the complexity of the actual story revolving around a whole multitude of happenings in the world, which ultimately, resulted in the robots besting all organic life.  It may well be another post apocalyptic game; but where would we be without some future technology mixed into the fray? Procedurally generated worlds will make sure you are playing a variety of levels on a consistent basis, and with drop in/drop out co-operative play, the game looks set to be refreshing each time you play.

With the funding they receive, Tuque Games will hopefully be able to craft the Action RPG many are craving. The controls are yet another part of the game which Tuque are excited about,  as they themselves stated:

<blockquote>There aren’t many Sci-Fi Action-RPGs out there, especially ones that use the intended control scheme. We are confident that all the ingredients will come together to create a game that you, the fans, will enjoy for many hours.<blockquote>

World War Machine will hopefully be funded via Indiegogo soon, with 40 days left and 2% done (at the time of writing) the game has as much hope as any other. It is set to hit PC first with other platforms being a possibility depending entirely on demand. Check out the trailer to see if it gets your gears turning.


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