World War Z Review – Better Than Brad Pitt, At Least

World War Z is a game that, despite missing to time window of when the brand was popular, is still good by itself. The parallels to Left 4 Dead are easy to make, and striking at times, right down to the weapons that you start each mission with. This isn’t exactly a bad thing though because Left 4 Dead is a fantastic series, so taking after it is just fine by me.

If you haven’t seen it already, the game plays in a third-person perspective rather than first-person, and has an emphasis on multiple play styles. You can go in guns-blazing for basically any mission, but you can also take it a bit slow and go stealthy. I guarantee that this will NEVER happen if you play online with random people because someone will ALWAYS whip out a shotgun and blow your cover. This totally does not work on higher difficulties, you really have to take those quiet segments when you can get them. Honestly, the most fun that I had while playing was setting the difficulty right in the middle and just mowing down Zekes left and right.

You can customize virtually every weapon in the game with all kinds of different sets of attachments. Different sets of scopes with different sized magazines, with barrel extenders or silencers, so on and so forth. You unlock these with an in-game currency that you get every time you end a mission. I say end because you don’t have to finish it to get some, which lessens the blow when you get overrun right at the end of a level.

Speaking of the levels, though the story-related circumstances are different for most of them, what you do is largely the same. Every level has a bit where you have to destroy a tidal wave of Zekes with every heavy weapon and armament you have. Most of them also have a level where you have to collect x amount of x and bring it back to x. There are sections where you have to get keys to progress through a series of doors/floors, etc. Though they seem a little bit cut-and-paste, some of the areas are pretty memorable, with unique characteristics and set pieces.

The variety of heavy weapons and periods during the game where you just get to mow down waves and waves of zombies are really fun. I’ve heard people talking about a bunch of bugs they’ve experienced in the game, and I didn’t really see any while I was playing. I was always partnered up with people when I played, never got stuck in a wall or behind a door like I’ve seen happen many times on Youtube and Twitch to other players. It seems as though the number of bugs in general has gone way down since launch, which is great, makes it seem like the game didn’t just get shot out into a void. The devs care about their baby and they’re trying to make something fun for people to play. I was worried it was going to be bogged down by something like microtransactions, but it’s not, playing the game is fun, leveling up your passives is fun for each character class, same for unlocking guns.

I recommend the game to fans of Left 4 Dead and really just anyone that’s been looking for a fun four-player co-op romp. The game can feel a little repetitive when it comes to objectives, and wears it’s inspiration right on it’s face. When it comes right down to it though, I had a great time playing, and was blasting through levels night after night. Check out the game on Epic Store, Xbox One, and PS4!

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