World War Z was a surprisingly good game, especially being so far separated from the movie and book that came out many years ago.

Like I don’t think anyone was asking for this, but once it came out, we all wished we had asked for it, cause it’s pretty good!

Now there’s a free update coming out titled Undead Sea, which takes place on a massive cruise liner in Japan. You’ll battle up, down, and all around the boat, fending off hordes of the undead along with a new zombie type that’ll really mess your day up if you don’t pay attention. Essentially, it sprays you with goop and if you don’t clean yourself off fast enough, you instantly die and turn into a zombie yourself. It actually sounds pretty brutal, and considering that this game gets pretty hard on higher difficulties, is sure to add to the tension of playing.

Check out the video above and let us know if you’re excited about the new content in the game!

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