Worlds Adrift is Bossa Studio’s Next Big Thing

If Bossa Studios has not quite managed to impress you with Surgeon Simulator or current project I am Bread, then perhaps its latest project might be more appealing. Despite both of the aforementioned games being great in their own rights, Bossa has gone a different way with Worlds Adrift, but from the looks of things this could be one of its smartest moves yet.

Worlds Adrift places players in a big open world complete with various tools to survive. The standout feature of the game at the moment however seems to be the use of a grappling hook to swing across chasms and more, not to mention that it can all be done online with friends.

The project certainly seems ambitious to say the least, but if there is any developer who can produce a fun physics based platforming game, then Bossa Studios is that developer. You can expect to see a whole lot more on Worlds Adrift as its development continues, so be sure to check out the gameplay footage above. Finally, do not forget the website for the game to sign up for updates on the progress of Worlds Adrift.



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