Woven Demo Melts My Cold Heart

I recently played Woven’s alpha demo and it was a really solid start to something interesting. You play as Stuffy a patchwork elephant and his little metal friend Glitch. Everything around you is patchwork and sewing supplies made into items like mushrooms, rocks, hills, and trees. The other thing that stuck out to me is the characters never talk, and everything is rhymed to you by a narrator. These story telling techniques give the game a very distinct feeling. In fact, it reminded me of a storybook I would have read when it was bed time many years ago.meadowseggnut

The gameplay is very simplistic with moving tied to the mouse, and interactions are simple mouse clicks with a small menu on each side of the screen. The left hand side is for Glitch and the right is for Stuffy. Stuffy’s skills are dependent on his build, by meeting other stuffed animals in the area Glitch can change your appearance, and you can mix and match. In the demo you can only meet one animal rabbit, his legs allow you to jump and run which is needed to go to the second area. There are also three environments in the game, a hilly plain, a dry desert, and a dark cavern.

Each of these areas also introduce new mechanics. In the second area you need to change your pattern to continue, and you can find new patterns scattered across the world in acorn like chests. There is a lot of customization to Stuffy as you can mix and match of many patterns. The last area requires Glitch to brighten the area, and follow a path to the exit where a cliff hanger ending awaits you. While the game will only take 20 minutes to finish I went back to find as many of the different patterns hidden around the area.screenshot3

While this game only has an alpha demo I plan on keeping my eye on it, and if they have a successful Kickstarter I’ll make sure to update you all on its progress. You can view the Kickstater here if you want to play the free demo or back the game. Again, while this was great fun always consider when backing a game on Kickstarter nothing is guaranteed. I do want to wish good luck to the Woven team and their Kickstarter though, because it definitely shows potential to charm gamer’s souls.


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