Wow a Video of a Lion Acting Like a Wild Animal at a Zoo

If you haven’t seen it yet there’s a new viral video going around of a lion in a zoo trying to eat a little kid through his cage’s glass.  It is funny to watch, but it’s also a reminder that these things are wild beasts and should never be f*cked with unless it’s in a controlled environment like a zoo.  The video did remind me of my cat’s own mannerisms, but he also doesn’t weigh a couple hundred pounds and have teeth and claws that could tear my esophagus out.

Not to come off like too much of a hippy, but I’d do the same thing the lion is doing if I was locked up in a cage and some little kid was waving a bag of Chipotle burritos in front of my face.  Check it out below to see how cute it is when two species interact together.  You’ve been thinking it’d be funnier if the glass wasn’t there…

Lion tries to eat baby PART 1.

Lion tries to eat baby PART 2.MOV

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