WOW On the iPad? Gaikai Founder Says It’ll be Possible

David Perry, one of the co-founders of Gaikai, is seen above holding an iPad with World of Warcraft on it.  Gaikai is a company that is working on streaming video games from its server farms to mobile devices like the iPad.  This service would allow any gamer the ability to play various games on their mobile gadgets without having pimped out rigs and the software locally  installed.  All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

If you’re a fan of WOW or not, this potential game streaming service seems like a great way to keep playing, even when you’re on the move.  I know I’d be down with it!  You could play high-end video games without dropping thousands of dollars on a portable laptop.  You would also by-pass the need to always patch your system, which most PC games require far too often.

Gaikai’s proposed service would be no different than Netflix’s instant streaming of movies, except for video games.  With an iPad and Gaikai you could put the DS and PSP mobile gaming devices to shame.  Like I’ve said before, I love geeks.  What would we do without them?  Hopefully this service will be available in the near future.  It will provide another pacifier for gamers who can’t get enough.  You’ve been streamed…

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Via [Kotaku by way of David Perry’s blog]

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