WOW We’ve Nuked the Piss Out of This World…

I’m not usually a fan of educating people on this site if it doesn’t involved something geeky, but one of the D.E.B’s sent me an article about Nukes that I have to write about.  Once you watch the video below you’ll be amazed at how many bombs we’ve dropped on the Earth.  Growing up you never really hear much about nuclear bomb testing.

The main image that comes to mind when you think about nuclear blasts is the devastation inflicted upon the Japanese by the Enola Gay and her payload.  Little do we know that over a time period from 45′ – 98′ the world’s superpowers and other nuclear nations have “tested” over 2,000 nuclear devices on land, under the sea, and in the air!

That’s some serious nuclear fallout.  I can tell you for a fact that I’d never live in Nevada.  I’m surprised that place doesn’t glow green.  You have to watch the video below, which showcases a time-lapsed simulation of all nuclear detonations.  When it hits the Cold War Era the video starts to look like a light show with all of the detonations by the US and USSR.  We as a people have bombed the f*ck out of this place!

It really makes you think about how destructive we are as a race.  I’m all about being able to protect ourselves, but my gosh, 2,000+ detonations!  How many times do you really need to test a nuclear bomb?  I guess more than we thought.  Here’s to already having a nuclear war that most of us never knew, or thought about.  You’ve been nuked, thousands of times…

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