If you enjoyed the movie 300, with all the buff and oily men running around stabbing each other with long spears, then you’ll be happy to hear that The Creative Assembly are focusing a new expansion pack on ancient Greece for Total War: Rome 2.

The expansion pack, titled Wrath of Sparta, will be set in 432BC, over 100 years prior to the grand campaign of vanilla Rome 2. The campaign will focus on the Peloponnesian War, where Sparta and Athens fought to control the Hellenic homeland. The vengeful Persian Empire is also said to make an appearance.

New units, buildings, wonders, technologies, heroes and many other new features will be included in the expansion pack, adding hundreds of hours more to gameplay.

Wrath of Sparta for Total War: Rome 2 will be released December 16th, 2014. Watch the latest community Rally Point video above for more information on the expansion pack, plus details on the upcoming Total War: Attila.


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