Wreck-It Ralph 2 Review – A Fantastic Tutorial for the Internet and Life

Wreck-It Ralph 2, or whatever the how its proper title is, is now in theater, and in my opinion, it’s better than the original. The Internet setting helps it to achieve this feat, but it also has a great story to it that packs in plenty of fun, easter eggs, and of course emotions, making it an entertaining visual tutorial on Internet culture, and life itself. Yes, you should go see it, but if you want a deeper explanation as to why, then head on down below and watch my full video review, or you can simply read its script.

Hey now fans of Disney movies that don’t have a bunch of songs in them, Matt Heywood here to review Ralph Breaks the Internet, or what I like to call, the best way to explain advanced internet lingo and technology to kids and non-technical people. Or we could just go with Wreck-it Ralph 2.

I’ll be honest with you my arcade loving friends, I found this sequel to be better than the original, which is a hard feat to achieve, but one I do think the Wreck-it Ralph franchise pulls off. I just really enjoyed the story, and the whole setting of the Internet is the perfect location for Ralph’s brand of innocence, which borders on dolt-like. The setting just provides for plenty of pop culture references for denizens of the Internet, and as I mentioned earlier, it also provides the best visual explanation of how certain Internet technologies work, which a tech-geek and Internet champion like myself appreciates greatly.

There’s of course a great story about friendship, and for all intents and purposes, fatherhood, at least how it pertains to letting kids grow and find their own identity in life, and how that can be painful, but also a teaching experience for caretakers.

This of course plays out in the form of the bond between Vennelope and Ralph, who are still the best of friends when the sequel begins. Due to Ralph always wanting to make Vennelope happy, he ends up making things worse for her in the arcade, which is why they head off to the Internet in search of a way to save her game so she doesn’t get relegated to the power strip forever.

Once in the internet, which is brought to life stunningly in this film, Vennelope starts to realize that her world could be much larger outside of Sugar Rush and Litwak’s arcade, which in turn saddens Ralp and he does very Ralph-like things to fix his feelings. I don’t want to go any further due to spoilers, but I can confirm that he does indeed break the Internet over his love for Vennelope, and more than a few touching moments take place after as he and her both learn something about themselves and each other along the way. Let’s just say that there’s a great chance you’ll shed a tear if you’re a parent, and if you’re a Father of a little girl, then bank on choking back a few, because amongst all the shenanigans in this movie, there is still a good old heartwarming Disney-style story.

While the story will make your soul feel good, I have to say that my favorite aspect of Wreck-it Ralph 2 was its Internet setting and how it was brought to life. It felt a bit like the world of the Oasis from Ready Player One, but even bigger because it wasn’t just depicting an online game, it was depicting the whole Internet. If you’re someone who lived through the dawn of the Net you’ll love all of the references to old and new Internet tech and lingo. The film also perfectly explains today’s “like” culture and viral social media sensations, and how people will do really dumb things for a bit of attention.

I just really appreciated how nuanced the animators and writers made the Internet in this movie. It feels like a character itself, and anyone that has spent any amount of time surfing the Net will definitely smile at all of the jokes that play out visually and through dialogue. You could definitely use this movie to explain to young kids, or even older adults who refuse to learn about new technologies to, exactly how the Internet works, and what things like a DDoS attack are. Again, being an IT geek myself, I absolutely loved this aspect of Wreck-IT Ralph 2, so it’s able to perfectly visually explain Internet technologies for all ages, just like the original explained how old arcade games function. And even better, it does so in a very entertaining and satisfying way.

Thanks to how brilliant the visuals are, and the nature of the Internet being brought to life in visual form, this is also one of those films that you could watch 20 times and still see something new in the background. There are so many things to see that it’s impossible to process everything in just one viewing, which is fine with me, because I look forward to subsequent viewings to see what else I will pick up on. It’s the little things too, like when Ralph and Vennelope are in the power strip and you see the WIFI router get plugged in, which is a mundane action for us, but to them it’s akin to a new home being built on your street. It’s these little moments and their insane amounts of detail that make this movie special, and well worth watching.

Wreck-It Ralph 2 earns a 9 out of 10 review score from Team EB. I personally enjoyed it more than the original thanks to the grander scale of its setting and all of the easter eggs and references in it, not to mention the inclusion of every single Disney Princess around, who quite frankly may just steal the show, twice. It’s definitely a great holiday weekend movie, so try to get out with the family, or even yourself if you’re a kid at heart still, because this sequel doesn’t disappoint.

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Review Summary

Story - 8.5
Cinematography - 10
Sound - 9
Acting - 8.5
Entertainment Value - 9



Wreck-It Ralph 2 manages to be better than the original thanks to its Internet setting, which provides all sorts of visual awesomeness with multiple sides of entertainment, thanks to the detail put into crafting the world, as well as the narrative itself.

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