If you’re interested in building up your writing portfolio, or just expressing your creative side to the World, then a career as an contributor is right up your alley.  We are looking for people that have a passion for all things geek, which can include, but is not limited to: Videogames, Movies, TV, Comic Books, Tech Gear, and more.

At this time these positions will be unpaid, because the site makes just enough to keep the server running, but when she blows up there could be opportunities for paid work.  If anything it’s a great way to practice your blogging skills, as well as a great medium to share your work with hundreds of visitors each day!  We need to keep this site growing, so if you’re interested in flexing your creative muscles please use the contact form below.

Positions Needed

  • Video Game news writer
  • Video Game features writer
  • Movie/TV news writer
  • Movie/TV features writer
  • Technology news writer
  • Technology features writer
  • Technology editor
  • Geek space writer (comics, geek art, web gems)
  • Social Media Manager

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If applying for news writing/editing please write a brief post about a current video game, TV, movie, geek art, web gem, gadget, or comic book news topic. Please include proper sourcing.

If applying for editorials, reviews, and features writing/editing please select a game, TV show, Movie, etc. and provide a mini-review of 500 words. You can also choose to write and editorial piece instead of a review. *News writers should also provide a review in addition to the news piece above.