WWDC 2010 Jobs iPhone 4 Recap – June 24th Is iDay

Today is the day that Apple fanboys have been waiting for.  Just recently, Steve Jobs made the keynote speech at WWDC 2010, which to no one’s surprise he introduced the newest iPhone, the iPhone 4.  He went through some iPad stats and a few new app announcements, but the shining star of his presentation focused on the iPhone 4, and all of its revolutionary abilities.  I must say it sounds like a brilliant device, and I continue to hate AT&T for having an exclusive contract with Apple.  Share the love, AT&T blows!

After all of the speculations, tech-heads finally know the true identity of the newest iPhone, and all the greatness contained within its guts.  The iPhone 4, as it has been officially called, is a truly amazing device that Steve Jobs showed off just a few minutes ago.  The only issue I perceived from the demo was that it can’t connect to a network!  How’s that for a portable device?  Jobs blamed it on everyone at the conference using the WiFi service, but I think that’s kind of a cop out.  His web demo completely bombed when he was comparing the 4 to the 3GS.

I’ll let him slide on that snafu, but it is kind of ironic that the newest iPhone was having connection issues.  I guess one of the attendees yelled out, “Try Verizon”, or something along those lines while Jobs was asking for technical assistance.  I wonder who will get fired for the network mess up?  That poor geek probably just had the worst moment of his life.

Connection issues aside, the iPhone 4 is a piece of gadget mastery.  At 9.3 MM thick it is the thinnest smartphone on the market.  It has a stainless steel frame with a glass front and back, which is supposedly scratch proof.  The antennas are built into the frame, which are supposed to provide better connectivity, I guess except when your around a bunch of people on WiFi, oooohhhhhh.  Overall, it looks tits, and there is a white version as I mentioned a few weeks ago.

Once Jobs was done talking about the look of the phone, he went into its display.  Apple is calling it a Retina Display.  I guess they’ve managed to cram 4X the amount of pixels onto the screen giving it 326 pixels per square inch.  The human eye can only see 300 pixels, so Apple has made their display superhuman giving us pixel overload.  The text looks sharp as a knife, and so do the colors and pictures on the iPhone 4.  The Retina Display technology is pretty insane.  I wish I could’ve seen it first hand rather than over the net.

Jobs then went into the guts of the iPhone 4 and showed the tiny A4 chip that runs it as well as some other components.  Since everything is so small that runs the phone Apple was able to add a larger battery.  The larger battery will give Iphone 4 users 7 hours of 3G talk, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of WiFi browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, and 300 hours of standby time.  Not too shabby, kind of makes me feel like less of a man because my Droid’s battery is weak, but at least I have a reliable network.

After Steve went through some environmental hippie speak he mentioned a new piece of hardware included in the iPhone 4.  Apple has added a gyroscope to the phone, which accompanied by the accelerometer gives 6-axis motion sensing.  Jobs explained it’s main function will be for gaming, and went into a Jenga demo to feature the gyroscope’s abilities.  The iPhone 4 will have 4 senors, which makes it almost human.  Damn this thing is badass.

Next up, Jobs went into the new camera systems.  He mentioned that the camera is only 5 megapixels, but that we shouldn’t focus on megapixles, rather pic quality should be the main concern.  The pics he demoed all looked great over the wire, but cameras on a phone don’t really impress me, but what does impress me is FaceTime.

FaceTime is the app on the iPhone 4 that will bring video chat to the public.  I mean we are talking Sci-Fi shit here people.  The stuff we’ve been seeing in movies about the future is here.  With FaceTime you can literally sit there and chat with someone face to digital face.  Simply amazing!  The only bummer is that it can only be done over WiFi, but in this day and age WiFi is coming out everyone’s asses, so finding a hot-spot to video-chat shouldn’t be an issue.  FaceTime is the bomb, and is one of the main things making me jealous of Apple fanboys and their new iPhone 4.

Along with the FaceTime video capabilities, iPhone 4 users will also be able to take videos at 720p.  That’s HD quality all from your phone.  The best part is with the iMovies app you can edit and make movies right on your iPhone 4.  I smell a whole new breed of iPhone 4 filmmakers waiting in the wings.  Another quality feature that I don’t have.  Wahhhhhh!

Outside all of the hardware features Stevie also went into the new Multitasking features of the iPhone 4.  Basically, it will now have folder management, unified mail inbox, and more enterprise support.  Who really cares about being productive though?  I just want to play with cool gadgets, so the Multitasking does nothing for me, but it is nice to see it made its way to the iPhone 4.

Finally, Jobs announced the OS that the iPhone and iDevices will run on.  They call it iOS4, which will be available for download to existing iDevices on June 21st for free.  This new OS will bring cross-platform integration to your Apple devices.  Pretty much anything that you have on your iTouch or iPad will run on your iPhone and vice versa.  Say you buy a book from iBooks on your iPad, you can then download it to your Phone or Pod if you choose to free of charge.  I like this sharing feature, and it only makes sense that Apple has integrated into the new iOS4.

With all that said Steve Jobs dropped the news that everyone wanted to know.  The iPhone 4 will be available June 24th with pre-orders beginning on the 15th.  There will be two colors and two memory options.  You will be able to have a white or black phone that can either be 16GB or 32 GB.  The 16GB version will retail for $199 while the 32GB will sell for $299.  Those prices are pretty sweet, but I’m guessing that is if you sign up for an AT&T contract.  Either way the price is well in-line with other new phones coming out these days, and shouldn’t be a stumbling block when it comes to buying one.  I guess AT&T is even offering any customer whose contract expires in 2010 the ability to upgrade to the iPhone 4 without additional charges.

What can I say?  The iPhone 4 looks like everything I expected to be.  It’s another Apple super product.  These guys don’t put out crap, so I wasn’t expecting anything but extraordinary.  I think the FaceTime feature is probably the most revolutionary, but the HD video and editing is also pretty dope.  I just wish this thing would come to other carriers.  I’m not switching to AT&T, but the iPhone 4 makes me dream of doing so.  Apple fanboys, you’ve been blessed with another piece of gadget art.  I’m jealous, I’ll admit it.  Have fun on the 24th you dicks!  For in-depth coverage and pics follow the Via link below.  You’ve been iPhone 4 overloaded…

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Link on Engadget for FaceTime demo and more pics.  They won’t let me embedd, bastards!


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