WWE 2K18’s Graphics Look Great, We Think…

WWE 2K18 is something I’m very excited for, because I’ve gotten immensely into wrestling in the last couple years after about an 8-year-hiatus. The graphics have always been both amazing and really odd looking at times. Entrances and everything always look great, but with their fair share of bugs and glitches, some matches get straight-up weird. Character models clipping through the ring, floating in the air, and freezing in place are all far-too-common occurrences in the WWE 2k series.

Hopefully that’s not so in the new game, because the graphics do look fairly good, I think, Seth Rollins’ happy trail looks 1-to-1. Hopefully they capture his hobgoblin cackle when they show off the audio in the game (if they do that, I mean).  It’s getting harder and harder to notice graphics getting better, it’s not the mid-2000’s anymore, and just comparing to the last game doesn’t help much. Check out the trailer above, and if you’re as infuriated by the position of the camera on Lynell Jinks’ face as I am.

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