I’ve been working through the new WWE All-Stars game from THQ, and I must say that it is a great game to play with friends, as well as to boost.  You cheve hounds no exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to a good boosting game (Doesn’t take too long, and the repetitive process doesn’t make you want to stab your eyes with a rusty spoon).  Over the past year or so my passion for completing every game’s achievements is slowly starting to fade, but this doesn’t mean that I’m never going to be down for a solid boosting session, or that I’ve given up on scoring as many cheves as possible.  You don’t get to 80,000+ G without the occasional boost, so if you’ve been looking for a game that will be fun to play, and has easy achievements, then WWE All-Stars is the game for you.

Almost every achievement outside of the Path of Champions requirements can be boosted with friends, or if you have more than one controller you can do most of them by yourself (Except for the On-line Ones).  Yeah it’s cheating, but is it really?  If the developer didn’t want us to boost achievements then why even give us cheve whores the ability to do so?  WWE All-Stars really doesn’t prevent boosting at all, mainly because you can score the achievements in any mode with your friends both locally and over the cloud.

For this reason alone I would think that WWE All-Stars would be a great game to get if you’re living in the dorm/frat house setting, because instead of being a douche like me and using a dummy controller, you could actually play another human and battle for most of the cheves without worrying about facing the sometimes cheating AI.  In fact, WWE All-Stars really should be played in a room with 4 live people, but when you get older that’s not always possible.  It’s definitely a game that could have Mario Kart like effects on a house full of gamers i.e. failed classes, bad hygiene, and roommate battles.

If you’ve moved on from living in a tribe setting you still can boost this game.  As long as you’re not going for the Path of Champions achievements all you have to do is fire up one of those controllers with duct tape on it from smashing it while playing a game that drove you to the brink of insanity.  The rest is just a test of your patience.  I can honestly say that if WWE All-Stars didn’t take so long to load each match I’d probably just go for the cheves in a legit manner, but when it takes longer to load this game than it does for a person with no legs to run a marathon, I can’t be bothered with doing the right thing.  Besides, boosting has almost become a game type within itself, so it’s kind of nice to grab one of your gamer buddies and just play games like you’re both brain dead for awhile.

Like I said, if you’re feeling like you could use some easy G or trophies, I highly recommend giving WWE All-Stars a spin.  Overall it’s a pretty decent game, and if you don’t live with roommates it can be boosted online and offline.  If you’re above the art of boosting, get a life, but this game can also be completed with a little effort, so I’d still recommend picking it up so you can add another 1000G game to your list of completed titles.  Check out some gameplay below to give you an idea as to what WWE All-Stars is all about.  You’ve been needing a boost in your game life…

High Flyer Match – Jim Morrison Vs. Shawn Michaels


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