WWE All-Stars Is the NBA Jam of Wrassling Games

I stopped following professional wrestling years ago after Vince McMahon bought up every wrestling outfit in the country and diluted them into his WWE banner.  The good old days of the Rock, Mick Foley, Triple H, and crew are long gone.  Some of them are still in the WWE, but the product just isn’t as appealing as it used to be around the turn of the century.  Mad did my friends and I waste a lot of time watching that crap, but it was very entertaining at the time to say the least!

Due to my decline in interest in regards to pro-wrassling; I haven’t been playing many of the recent videogame versions of the muscle bound meatballs beating the fake crap out of each other.  Although, with the upcoming release of THQ’s WWE: All-Stars, my self-imposed ban on wrestling games may have to be lifted.  WWE: All-Stars seems to be taking a page out of the NBA Jam playbook of over-the-top, fast paced, cartoonish action in a sports oriented game.  Apply the out-of-this-world physics that NBA Jam uses to the wrestling ring and you have WWE: All-Stars.

I think in my mature years of gaming I’m starting to prefer videogames that really dumb things down, but still provide those “Holy f*cking awesome” moments that keep me coming back for more.  This is the exact reason why I’m jumping on the WWE: All-Stars bandwagon.  If you want to see what the NBA Jam of wrassling games looks like just check out the trailer below.  You’ve been thinking about picking up a pro-wrestling game…


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