MizTV w/ Cesaro and Sheamus

I’m not the only one that’s sick of the talk show segments in WWE, right? They’re boring, they take up time, and the Miz always says the same crap every time. When he has a face as a guest, they make funny faces and mock him, or get fed up with him and use their finisher on him. When he has heels on the show, they complain about something (the fans not being loyal, etc.) and the Miz compares himself to them. Then, Dean Ambrose comes out and causes some kind trouble for Miz (or calls him a “butthead”), and then we get a weird, nonsensical match (wait for it…).

The Miz and Sheamus & Cesaro VS. Dean Ambrose and The Hardy Boyz

This match didn’t matter, but it was serviceable. Everybody did a pretty decent job, but there were no really exciting spots or anything. Though, I can’t blame them, they’re likely saving some great spots for their respective matches at Extreme Rules. It just kind of exists on the Monday night card, and I’m not really sure what the hell happened with that Twist of Fate from Matt Hardy. Miz caught him from behind, but before Matt kicked him, he just kind of bent over as if he had already been kicked. It was weird–you’ll know what I mean if you saw it.

Regardless, the good guys won, which makes me think that they may go the opposite way on the pay-per-view with some title changes taking place.

Dean Ambrose and The Hardy Boyz Defeat The Miz and Sheamus & Cesaro (Pin)

I think Elias Samson rhymed “tracks” with “tracks” in his weird song about The Miz and Dean Ambrose.

Elias Samson vs. Zac Evans

Jobber match for Elias Samson. Dude is a lot nastier (and larger) than I thought he was.

The crowd didn’t seem very into this particular segment. Elias came off as mean, but it just wasn’t as entertaining as watching Strowman run through jobbers. I miss Strowman. Please come back.

Elias Samson Defeats Zac Evans (Pin)

Samoa Joe apparently can figure out Finn Balor’s weaknesses by watching WWE documentaries about him. I don’t know why he would need to do that, considering the fact that he wrestled him in NXT a lot. Are we supposed to not know that? Bray Wyatt also said some spooky things about how he’s going to put the beat-down on Finn and Joe in their triple threat match. Do you think he’ll actually do it this time, even though every time he cuts a spooky promo, he loses?

Finn Balor VS. Samoa Joe VS. Bray Wyatt

No. Bray Wyatt did not do the thing that he always says he’s gonna do (that he never does). However, this was a great match, all three participants did a terrific job; it was a blast to watch. I guess that of the three people in the match that could have lost, Bray Wyatt was the one who would be pinned. Finn Balor definitely wasn’t going to get pinned by either of the other guys, Samoa Joe is too much of a monster to be the one to get pinned, and Bray…I just don’t know, man. I hope that they put him in a situation where he can shine soon, maybe versus The Miz after he becomes IC champ.

The finish of the match was classic, with Samoa Joe waiting for Finn to land his finisher, run in, throw Finn out, and pin Bray. It was a great match, I just get worried that Bray’s potential has already been lost. I want so badly for him to be in a great program.

Samoa Joe Defeats Bray Wyatt (Pin)

Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann (Alicia Foxxxxxxx and Sasha Banks at ringside)

I’m starting to not like how disconnected the Cruiserweight Raw segments feel from the rest of the show, but I do like that they’re mixing the two shows now, sorta. Having Alicia Foxx and Sasha Banks involved with the Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann storyline, while bland and done over a million times, is alright so far. Alicia doesn’t seem like as much of a nothing as she once did, and Sasha has something to do while the Alexa Bliss/Bayley rivalry continues. I hope that their mixed tag match at Extreme Rules is better than the one that we got at Wrestlemania 33.

Oh, right, I almost forgot to talk about this match. It was over very quickly, and I’m pretty sure there was more dancing than wrestling in this segment. Rich Swann and Sasha Banks are cute, though. So that’s one minor positive.

Rich Swann Defeats Noam Dar (Pin)

I kinda like the way that this Enzo and Cass thing is going. If it turns out that Cass is the one who beat the hell out of Enzo, that could make for a really good story. I don’t know if they’ll play that story into The Revival coming back to Raw after being out for so long.

Kalisto VS. Titus O’Neil

Titus won by grabbing tights, Kalisto can’t keep momentum, and nobody in this situation is being taken seriously. The selfies after every match are getting less and less funny, too. I want Kalisto and Apollo Crews to do cool stuff, because I like them both. This is just boring.

Titus Defeats Kalisto (Pin)

The whole thing with Alexa Bliss’s retrospective on Bayley’s life seemed great at first, but the extra people they brought along kinda sucked. I get it, they’re not used to talking in front of a huge WWE crowd, but what the hell was that weird make-out section between the guy and girl? I think that the whole gimmick for the match between the two is a bit lame, I’d rather see more weapons than just the kendo stick. Let’s get some chair strikes and trash cans going–that would be awesome! I don’t think the match will be bad or anything, but the whole “Bayley isn’t extreme” thing seems like it’s beneath the championship level. It’s a step away from Bayley being called a weenie.

Neville and TJP VS. Gentleman Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries

This match is something we’ve seen a lot, but it was slightly different this time around. We actually saw Neville tap out to Austin Aries, and Neville is not exactly someone known for tapping out, ever. Could this be foreshadowing for Extreme Rules? I’m always excited to see what these guys can do to each other one-on-one, and I think they could very well tear the roof down. Everything in the match was fine, dandy, not too long, and the ending was excitingly different from the usual.

Austin Aries and Gentleman Jack Gallagher Defeat Neville and TJP (Submission)

Seth Rollins VS. Roman Reigns

Although this match is really just there to tease us and make us excited for the match at Extreme Rules, it was pretty good! It wasn’t as good as the Balor/Joe/Wyatt match, but it’s always good to see these ex-Shield members duke it out. I kind of assumed Roman would win this match (so that hopefully he doesn’t win at Extreme Rules). It’s not that I don’t want him to be successful, I just want to see Finn Balor get his title back so badly, I really do want to see that. This was an appropriate last match heading into the pay-per-view, though. It didn’t really matter, but I still enjoyed watching it regardless of who won.

Out of all of the matches of the night, Balor/Joe/Wyatt was definitely my favorite, those guys worked well together, and I think that the outcome was fine. I’m hoping that this means that Balor will be the one winning the Fatal Five-Way. I’m really, really hoping for that.

I would say that the go-home show was decent, but not much more, it was equal parts good and boring, maybe a little more good, but not much. The two things that I’m most excited about is the Fatal Five-Way and the Enzo and Cass storyline; I really want to see Cass turn heel.

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