Raw opened this week with Roman Reigns coming out and declaring that after Joe vs. Lesnar, he’s the #1 contender for the Universal Title. His reasoning was that it’s his yard, and therefore, he gets what he wants I guess. He went on the talk about all of the people that he’s beaten and refer to Samoa Joe as “Some guy everybody calls Joe”. Joe then came out and reminded us that Roman never beat him at any point in singles competition. They had a bit of a scuffle that ended with Roman kinda standing tall over Joe, which seemed a little odd. I would think that they would build Joe as much as possible until his match with Lesnar, but whatever. This all resulted in a match being announced for the end of the night between the two, what a great announcement to start the show! I really hope that Roman doesn’t pin him clean. Please don’t pin him clean.

The Hardy Boyz VS. Gallows and Anderson

This match was actually pretty good, and I’m glad that we didn’t have to see Hardyz vs. Sheamsaro for the millionth time. Both teams put in a great effort, the match was fast-paced, snappy, and action-packed. There isn’t much else to say about the match, because nothing else really happened before or after the fact. I’d like to see The Club used like this more, but actually put into a feud, and for them to not lose so much. I mean, they couldn’t lose to the Hardys, without shenanigans, that would seem silly, but the awesome effort that they put in tonight is giving me more faith in them.

The Hardy Boyz Defeat Gallows and Anderson (Pin)

Elias Samson came out and tuned his guitars, and people booed him. Then Finn Balor came out and people cheered. Then Finn got into a match with Bo Dallas.

Wait, who?

Bo Dallas VS. Finn Balor

Yeah, you read that right, Bo Dallas just kinda came out of nowhere and actually wailed on Finn for a while in the match. Of course, Finn came right back, whooped ass, pinned him, and that was it. I guess it’s nice to see that Bo Dallas can do something besides restraining Brock Lesnar when he gets upset. I don’t really know what else to think about it besides that, though. Also, this match seemed kind of pointless, why didn’t Elias get involved? Why was he even out there to start with? Why is RAW three hours long when shit like this is what’s keeping it over two hours?

Finn Balor Defeats Bo Dallas

More intrigue with the whole Kurt Angle/Corey Graves thing, though we still don’t really know what’s going on with it. Texts, and Father’s Day stuff and all sorts of stuff was teased, and it would be interesting if it was a fake sex scandal, considering the news about Mr. Bray Wyatt this past week. Enzo and Cass also appeared to talk to Kurt, who brought up the tweet that Enzo sent to Conor McGregor. That was quickly dismissed, and then they tried to get to the bottom of who has been attacking them the last few weeks. He would talk about it later in the night, however, and we moved onto the next segment.

Seth Rollins came out to talk about himself being on the cover of WWE 2K18, and what an honor it is. It’s always a little bit charming to hear younger superstars talk about all of the people that they looked up to as kids, and how they’re now just like those people. It’s heartwarming, you know?

Of course, then Bray Wyatt did his spooky thing and said that he’s a god and blah blah blah. Same shit. Different Week. Bray Wyatt came out, Seth Rollins dove onto him from the top rope, and walked out standing tall, and that was it. Boo Bray Wyatt. That was dumb. Time Waster.

Akira Tozawa VS. TJP

I have to say that one of the major complaints I’ve had with the Cruiserweights being on Raw is that it feels totally disconnected from Raw. It feels like we shouldn’t really care when the purple ropes and purple lights come out, which sucks. However, having Titus be connected with Akira Tozawa is somewhat linking the two brands, and it feels kinda cool, it’s refreshing! The match itself was pretty good too, nothing spectacular or anything, but it was good. Afterwards, Neville piped up to tell Tozawa that he’s going to crush him, and Titus pretty much spoke for Tozawa, saying that Neville’s reign wouldn’t last long. I’d really like to see Tozawa vs. Neville, I think that those two could seriously put on a great show together. Lots of high-flying flips, dips, chains, and whips, I’d love to see it at Great Balls of Fire or SummerSlam!

Akira Tozawa Defeats TJP (Pin)

We got a brief segment of The Miz offering Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas spots on his entourage. At first, they don’t seem interested, but by the end of the encounter, look like they might very well be thinking about it. Everyone seems to be forming these alliances lately, the Titus Brand and now The Entourage, plus all of the teams we already have on Raw. I hope that they take up the offer so that we can see the two wrestle more often, because they’ve both shown in the past that they can do well, and I wouldn’t mind seeing that again. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get the Titus Brand against The Entourage, and Titus will go against The Miz for his IC title! That’s a real long shot, but you never know!

Samoa Joe VS. Roman Reigns

What a great match! There was tons of false finishes, great spots, and just all-around good work from both men involved. Joe looked like he was going to beat Roman the same way that he did in his debut match, but Roman kicked out, which was brilliant. It shows that both men are learning and getting better at fighting each other, even just from that one singles match that they had. Roman had Joe in his sights, setting him up for a second spear to put him away, when suddenly, the sound of a truck backing up fills the arena. Roman looks up at the titantron to see an ambulance backing up into the arena, when Braun Strowman bursts out of it! Joe uses the distraction to put Roman in the Coquina clutch and put The Big Dog out of action. To me, that’s exactly how this match needed to end, because if he can put Roman down with that move, does that really mean he can put anyone away? Like, oh, I don’t know, Brock Lesnar? I’d be surprised if he won, and I don’t think that he will, but still, I like how they booked this match.

Samoa Joe Defeats Roman Reigns (Submission)

After the match, Braun sauntered his way down to the ring and reminded Roman that he’s not finished with him. After picking him up just to slam him right back down, Braun announced that they’d be having an Ambulance Match at Great Balls of Fire, which could be awesome. I really hope that it’s awesome. I was a bit tired of seeing them fight, but given the special stipulation, I think that it’ll be a good match! Also, just yay that Braun Strowman is back, I missed him.

MizTV w/ Maryse

What a wild ride that was. First, Miz invites Maryse out and gives a really long, heartfelt speech about how much he loves her (awe). Then, of course, Dean Ambrose comes out, and silliness happens. Miz makes Maryse spill her champagne on herself, then accidentally tackles the grandfather clock that he repaired for her from two weeks ago. She gets pissed and kinda slaps him, then Dean knocks him out of the ring. However, it turns out that the two bears that were in the ring the whole time were Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, so they really did take up his offer! All three of them then laid a beating on Dean and stood tall over him. I’m interested to see where this goes from here, and what’s going to go on between the married couple on the show. Also, I really hope that they aren’t having marital issues in real life, because that would be kinda sad.

Apollo Crews & Titus O’Neil VS. Sheamus & Cesaro

I feel like Crews looked somewhat weak in this match, he got his ass kicked quite a bit, I didn’t really dig that. I like Apollo, I think he’s a great wrestler, and I wanna see him hyped up a little bit more, I’m getting more and more invested in this Titus Brand thing every week. The match was little more than a squash, in my opinion, Crews got a few moves in, and Titus did some sneaky segments, but that’s it, they got beat pretty hard. Also, why was this so late in the card? The scheduling feels all over the place tonight.

Sheamus & Cesaro Defeat Crews & O’Neil (Pin)

We had a very cool promo package for Joe vs. Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. I gotta say, these little pre-recorded promos are great, they really get me pumped to see the matches that they’re for. The last year or so, they’ve only gotten better and better, and this one was no exception, I am completely ready to see this match, bring it on!

Sasha Banks VS. Nia Jax (Alexa Bliss on Commentary)


It’s so late, it’s 10:50, and we still have to have Kurt Angle come out and talk about the shit with Enzo and Cass. Is this supposed to be the main event? Why is this last? Why does there need to be a match? Couldn’t this have all been in a short promo or something? I don’t care about a new match at this point, man, I’m tired. Why did Emma suddenly decide that she’s not mad at Alexa anymore and start beating up Sasha? What in the hell was that weak-ass atomic leg-drop thing that Nia tried to do on Sasha? The commentators literally didn’t even wait for the women to stop moving around before they started talking about the Kurt Angle thing. Nobody cared. Bayley got a little pop when she came out and beat people up, that lasted for about 60 seconds. I’m very tired. It’s already 11 before Raw comes back on.

Kurt Angle’s Investigation

Oh, that’s why we went overtime.

Well, we finally reached the really emotional crescendo of the Enzo and Cass story. After basically saying that Big Show and The Revival were both innocent in terms of attacking Enzo and Cass. Corey Graves then showed us all footage of Big Cass setting up the scene of his own attack, and then accused him of attacking Enzo as well. For a moment, Enzo was ready to defend Cass, who exploded, exclaiming “You’re damn right I did!” An incredibly intense promo between Enzo and Cass ensued, where Cass accused Enzo of keeping him back and always running his mouth. He said that he was essentially nothing but dead weight, and that his mouth wrote checks that his ass couldn’t cash. This was one of those promos where I almost didn’t believe that it was scripted, Enzo was quite literally crying. It was almost hard to watch, and it top it off, Cass delivered a spiteful big boot right to Enzo’s face.

I was moaning and groaning that whole last hour right up until that segment, and it was definitely worth the wait. I’m glad to see that they did this story so well, and I don’t actually know if it’ll go anywhere after this or if they’ll just leave it at that, I don’t know which would be better. Let us know what you think about it down below and check back later for more WWE coverage!

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