It’s the Raw after Extreme Rules, are we going to get some continuity from some stuff that happened last night? Are we going to get some kind of compensation for that awful, boring Bayley/Bliss match? Let’s talk about it and find out!

Roman Reigns VS. Bray Wyatt

This was exactly what you think it was. Bray Wyatt came out, talked his nonsense, said he was going to beat up Roman Reigns, then Roman came out and beat him. The match was okay, nothing great. I don’t have much more to say on this, other than I’m tired of seeing Bray Wyatt lose over and over.

Roman Reigns Defeats Bray Wyatt (Pin)

Elias Samson came out and did the thing that he always does, play a guitar and have people boo the shit out of him. Dean came out to get a piece of him, then got on the mic and said that he wanted The Miz and his title rematch. Of course, he didn’t get it, and Samson hit his Swinging Neckbreaker on Dean and walked off up the ramp. Backstage, Kurt told Dean to take the night and and chill out.

The Enzo and Cass stuff is likely leading towards a Cass heel turn. Either that, or they’re going to swerve us really hard and it’s just going to be The Revival or Gallows and Anderson. I really hope it’s Big Cass, though, because I think there’s some really good storytelling there!

Alexa Bliss has to defend her title against Nia Jax tonight? I’m excited, I don’t think that Nia will win anytime soon, but we’ll have to wait and see until later tonight.

Samoa Joe came out and talked about how he wanted everything that Brock Lesnar has, including Paul Heyman himself. I thought that sounded a little silly, but then Paul himself actually came out to talk to Joe. Paul told him that he’s actually a little worried for Brock having to fight Joe, because of Joe’s lack of care and desire to just tear apart Brock. As Paul was going to leave, Joe stopped him and got up in his face, telling him that he was about to choke him out. He told him that he wanted to tell Brock how it feels to be choked out by Joe, and proceeded to put him in the Coquina Clutch, and it was great.

This whole fight is being built really well so far, and I’m very excited to see what these two guys are going to do to each other!

Cesaro and Sheamus VS. Heath Slater and Rhyno

This was a squash match, a decent one, but a squash match nonetheless, so I can’t say too much about it. I will say that Cesaro and Sheamus are looking very tough, which will make their next rivalry all the more interesting, if and when they eventually lose the titles. Anyway, good squash match, they beat ex-champions, no one really cares when Heath Slater and Rhyno lose anyway, so everyone wins.

Cesaro and Sheamus Defeat Heath Slater and Rhyno (Pin(Squash))

Don’t really know how I feel about Neville throwing shade at Nia Jax, I mean I’m sure it was scripted, but it seemed a little unnecessary. Either way, Neville makes a deal with TJP that if he beats Mustafa Ali, he’ll give him a title shot, or at least talk to Kurt Angle about it.

TJP VS. Mustafa Ali

This was a pretty quick, fast-paced match with some decent spots, though it was mostly what happened afterward that was important. TJP won the match and started walking up the ramp, but Neville came out and scared the shit out of everyone with his pyro. He was trying to tell TJP that Kurt wasn’t going to give him the title shot, but TJP freaked out on him and said that they would be talking to Kurt together right then and there. Neville didn’t like the insubordination and attacked TJP from behind, telling him that he’ll get his match on 205 Live (which means I actually have a reason to watch it now).

TJP Defeats Mustafa Ali (Pin)

Alexa was backstage trying to get some of the other women to help her out in her title defense against Nia Jax. It was almost like she was trying to make a Raw equivalent of The Welcoming Committee from Smackdown, but she was turned down. Dana Brooke and Mickie James stated that they would be at ringside for the match tonight, and god only knows what that means for the match.

The whole Kurt Angle/ Corey Graves angle thickens each week, and this week was pretty similar to last week. This week, however, Kurt left the building while texting somebody, and Dean Ambrose managed to sneak back into the building as the door was shutting behind Kurt.

Kalisto VS. Titus O’Neill

This match was super short, and Kalisto got the trunks on Titus for a cheap, quick win. Kalisto is just swimming in the victories lately, isn’t he? This story between Titus and Apollo and Kalisto seems like it’s stalling a little bit, so I hope that it goes somewhere soon.

Kalisto Defeats Titus (Pin)

Big Cass was found unconscious this week instead of Enzo, and he was clutching some kind of gold chain. The chain was Enzo’s, and Enzo claimed that whoever beat him up a couple weeks ago must have taken it with them. I’m wondering if Cass set this up to make it look like someone is beating him up too to get people to think that it’s not him, or if I’m just looking too far into this. Regardless, I’m interested to see where this whole thing is going. They do have a match, though, so Enzo has to find himself a new partner for the time being.

The Miz had his celebration for his new championship in the ring, and it was actually pretty funny. There was a random bear in the corner of the ring, a guy in a bear suit, I should say, who The Miz thought was Dean. He beat the piss out of him, then took off his mask and realized it was just some random guy (poor dude). Then, a big present was wheeled down to the ring, which The Miz attacked, thinking again, that it was Ambrose. Turns out that it was actually a grandfather clock that Maryse had bought him for the occasion. Maryse got pissed and stormed off, and Miz started ranting about how this was all Dean’s fault. He told Dean to show himself, who was actually there the whole time, disguised as the camera guy. He delivered Dirty Deeds to The Miz, took the champagne, and likely proceeded to go and get shit-faced in his hotel room.

Enzo and Big…Show? VS. The Club

Enzo introduced us to his new tag team partner, who is The Big Show. I’m pretty sure that this is only because Enzo has to be partnered with someone is absolutely gigantic for any of his finishers or anything to work. It was a little bit fun to see Big Show loosening up and taking the temporary place of Big Cass for the night. The match was typical Enzo and Big… somebody fare, and they pretty much squashed Gallows and Anderson. Like I said, I’m not sure where the Enzo and Cass storyline is going, but I hope it’s a Cass heel turn, I really want to see that.

Enzo & Show Defeat The Club (Pin)

Alexa Bliss VS. Nia Jax (RAW Women’s Championship)

Nobody thought that anything big was going to happen in this match, and nothing really did happen. Alexa Bliss got tossed around by Nia, but when she got out of the ring, she got hit by Mickie and Dana and won by DQ. She walked away with the title, and then Nia beat the snot out of the two meddlers, leaving them strewn about the ring. It didn’t make anyone look bad, and I’m betting that we see Nia VS. those two next week on Raw in a handicap match. I’m excited to see how Alexa will even the odds between her and Nia Jax continuing on through this feud.

Alexa Bliss Defeats Nia Jax (DQ)

Samoa Joe VS. Seth Rollins

And so we reach our main event! The match was pretty good all-around, but the ending was a little weird. Bray Wyatt’s weird lighting thing happened where all the lights went out, but when they came back, he still wasn’t there. It just distracted Seth enough for Joe to get him in the Clutch and choke him out for the victory. The rest of the match, like I said, was good, but I think everyone is pretty burnt out from how good the main event was last night at the PPV! I think Bray Wyatt is a little bit lost right now, he doesn’t really have his own thing going on, he just wort of meddles with the other main-eventers and doesn’t feel like he has a direction. I hope that they do something good with him soon, his character has all of the potential in the world, he just needs the right opponent.

Samoa Joe Defeats Seth Rollins (Submission)

And that was RAW this week, it didn’t really grab my attention too much, is seemed a bit… slow to me. I think that for coming right after a PPV with so many title changes and stuff, that we would have seen more, and I wish that we could have seen the Hardy Boyz do… something. However, I know that sometimes after a big loss, it’s best to keep them off TV for a bit to build a little bit of tension and make people really pay attention when they DO show up. Check back tomorrow and next week for more WWE coverage!


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