After last week’s Smackdown Live, it seems like we’d be getting some real storyline advancement, or at least really get into some good feuds since the Shakeup. With new talent like Charlotte and Nakamura (though he technically got there before the Shakeup), it seems like we could start some solid stuff on Smackdown Live.  Of course, Charlotte will clearly be put into the championship picture right away, and it’s possible that Nakamura will be feuding with Dolph Ziggler. Let’s find out just how SDLive goes down on the week of 4/18/17.

The show opened with Charlotte basically demanding a shot at the Smackdown Women’s title, which is really fine, she certainly has the talent to be in the picture. Naomi came down and told her how it’s gonna be on SDLive, no kings, and especially no queens, and proceeded to put the beatdown on her. Shane McMahon came out and announced that they would be wrestling for the a #1 contender’s opportunity, for a title shot next week. Seemed fine to me, Charlotte is great and so is Naomi, and getting to see them wrestle two weeks in row sounds great!

There was a brief bit with Natalya, Shane McMahon, Tamina, and Carmella (and James Ellsworth) that was fine. Natalya was miffed that Charlotte immediately got a title shot, and she hasn’t, to which Shane pointed out “You had one at Wrestlemania and lost.” Then everyone else kind of chimed in and wanted the same thing, and then I’m not really sure what happened, everyone just sort of disbanded and it seemed pointless. I’m glad Tamina at least did something on TV, though, I was worried she would just kind of be used like last week to blue-balls everyone till Charlotte was announced.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Erick Rowan vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Luke Harper vs. Sami Zayn (#1 Contender for WWE Championship)

Well, that was interesting to say the least. At the end of a pretty damn awesome match, after everyone had put in a serious effort, Sami had Jinder set up for a Heluva Kick. It looked like Sami Zayn was finally going to get himself into the Championship picture, because he was kicking major ass! Then, the Bollywood Boyz tripped him up in the corner, and Jinder Mahal ended up winning, to a very negative reaction from the crowd. I was personally pretty disappointed, I really wanted to see Zayn vs. Orton for the Championship, that would be awesome!

The cherry on top of the shit sundae, though, was Orton coming out right after, promising to deliver an RKO to Jinder. Then, as if to completely ignore the great match that just happened, Randy went off talking about Bray Wyatt and the House of Horrors match. It felt really anticlimactic and took the wind right out of the match and everyone involved, and then Bray did another one of his spooky story things on the big screen, and then that was it. The match itself felt awesome, but what came as a result was just deflating, and felt pretty crappy.

Jinder Mahal defeats Sami Zayn (Pin) and becomes #1 Contender for the WWE Championsip

The brief promo package for Shinsuke Nakamura felt cool and all, but I really wanted to actually see him come out and do something. I will, however, assume that it’s for the sake of building him up for something really awesome down the line, and I’m excited for that.

Charlotte vs. Naomi (#1 Contender’s Match)

This was a pretty alright match, both women put on a good show, but considering that it wasn’t a true championship match, I feel as though they may have been holding a little back. That’s fine though, because Charlotte won the match in the end, which means that next week, we get to see a seriously kickass Championship match. There isn’t too much to talk about when it comes to this match, but I do predict that next week, Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina are going to interfere with the match.

Charlotte defeats Naomi (#1 Contender for SDLive Women’s Championship)

The Colons  vs. American Alpha

I guess that The Shining Stars are no longer bothering with the whole Puerto Rico timeshare gimmick, which is probably good, because it sucked. The match actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, as in, it wasn’t a squash match to make American Alpha look better. They already look good, everyone likes them, and I think that considering how slim the tag division is on SDLive, it’s good to try to get some wind under the sails of Primo and Epico. They’ve got talent within them, and they showed it a couple of times in this match, especially working together to get the win over American Alpha. I’m interested to see where they go, and I hope that it’s somewhere good, and interesting, and that I stop wanting to use the SD tag matches as a bathroom break.

The Colons defeat American Alpha (Pin)

Tye Dillinger didn’t have a match this week, which was unfortunate, because he’s awesome. There was a cute little promo package for him though, and he smiled a lot and looked very handsome, and I can comfortably say that because I am secure in my masculinity. I think.

Gary Dandy vs. Kevin Owens (Open Challenge)

Kevin Owens issued an open challenge as the new face of America, and Gary Dandy answered the call. It was a squash match, but it’s always fun to watch Kevin bulldoze his way through some unfortunate soul. Afterwards, Kevin promised that no one would be taking his U.S. Title from him, not Chris Jericho or AJ Styles, though we’ll see about the latter.

Kevin Owens defeats Gary Dandy (Pin)

Baron Corbin vs. AJ Styles

This match was good, both guys really put a ton of effort into the match, and it showed! AJ Styles was dishing out the forearms left and right, and tried for that Styles Clash a few times, not one to be deterred by someone bigger than him. Kevin Owens being on commentary for the match gave a few chuckles as well, he’s pretty much always great on the mic or commentary table. I thought that Kevin was going to be involved with the match when Baron Corbin threw AJ right into him outside of the ring, but thankfully, the match finished (sort of). AJ put Baron over the barricade with a Phenomenal Forearm to win by count out, which was good, it didn’t really make either guy look bad. I was concerned about that, because both wrestlers have tons of talent, and Baron needs a good push, so having him lose by count out was good.

AJ Styles defeats Baron Corbin (Count out)

I would say that this was a sort of filler episode of Smackdown, because not a whole lot happened. You could say that the #1 contender matches happened, but really, those just set up another show, and Jinder Mahal’s victory was overshadowed by Randy and Bray. Most of the matches were pretty entertaining, though the tag division still feels like an afterthought almost. Here’s hoping that all of the promos and contender matches build to a great episode next week or the week after!

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