Well, I have to say that Smackdown has a whole lot of making up to do after a weird (and not-all-that-great) Money in the Bank PPV this past Sunday. After what can only be called a controversial finish to the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, it’s time we got some kind of repayment for that. I don’t know if we’re going to get a rematch exactly, but I feel as though something will be done about it. James Ellsworth shouldn’t have been the one standing on top of that ladder holding up that briefcase. That’s not the visual we want five or ten years from now.

The show opened with Carmellsworth waltzing out to the ring to a tidal wave of booing. Carmella cut a decent heel promo about how everyone just needs to deal with it, and that she doesn’t care how she won. It’s about what I’d expect, but it was good to hear her really cut a decent promo; she’s been pretty quiet lately. She said that Daniel Bryan would be out later to discuss the whole matter of what to do with the result of the match; hopefully, it’s at least something we can all agree with. That finish to that match was just balls. Not great balls of fire, either.

Just plain old, saggy, damp balls.

Big E VS. Jimmy Uso

This match was alright. Nothing really special. Big E won, the Usos tried to run away like they did at Money in the Bank. Eh. It seemed like a time waster more than anything, I would have rather seen a really good promo be cut between the two teams, or have them announce a rematch or something. The match was pretty quick, which made it feel even less important, so it was kind of a disappointment in multiple aspects.

Big E Defeats Jimmy Uso (Pin)

Between matches and segments, we keep getting little bits of women from the MITB match complaining to D-Bry about the result of the match. I will say that it was nice to actually hear Tamina talk for once since she almost never does. They’re really just little time-eating segments and nothing more, but it’s still nice to see them acknowledging how much everyone wants to see this reversed or changed.

There was also a small bit with Naomi talking about the controversy, as well, which prompted Lana to show up. She challenged Naomi to a championship rematch, blaming Carmella’s distraction on her loss, and Naomi accepted… for next week. Seems a little silly she’s getting a second title shot already; she just came back after being gone for so long. Let’s hope that at least the match will be good.

Shinsuke Nakamura VS. Dolph Ziggler

This, honestly, was a pretty boring match for the most part. The last few minutes were alright when Shinsuke went absolutely wild, but I feel like they’re just not letting him be him. He kicked so much ass when he came back in the MITB ladder match. I want to see that guy every week. This match was so slow and plodding most of the time. It was honestly a drag, and any match with that man should not be a drag. Stop holding him back, WWE. Let him do what he wants (within reason). The dude has charisma and talent pouring out of him, so stop plugging him up and keeping that all from coming out! At least he won, though. That’s one good thing.

Shinsuke Nakamura Defeats Dolph Ziggler

Kevin Owens’ US Title Open Challenge (Chad Gable)

Well, this was unexpected.

Kevin Owens came out and issued an open challenge for anyone from Dayton, Ohio to challenge him for the US title right then and there. AJ Styles came out, and Kevin Owens pretty much told him to piss off because he’s not from Dayton, and then Chad Gable came out and said that he just moved to Dayton. I guess that works, though, it would have been fun to see a KO squash match. But this should be pretty good, right?

I mean, this was a little bit more than a squash match, so I guess I got what I wanted. The match didn’t last too long, although Chad Gable put up a decent fight. That pop-up powerbomb from Kevin Owens puts away pretty much everyone, and I didn’t think Chad would win at all. Maybe this will lead to something?

No, probably not.

Kevin Owens Defeats Chad Gable (Pin)

The Hype Bros made a point to tell D-Bry that they actually earned a title shot before Zack Ryder got injured. It was quite some time ago, but they did earn it. If they want to hold onto that next week, however, they have to beat the Usos. I’m curious to see if they’ll win considering that the Usos are already feuding with The New Day. Maybe we’ll be getting a triple-threat tag match at Summer Slam?

Tye Dillinger never gets to wrestle, but he can get shoved into Sonic ads for chocolate shakes.


Daniel Bryan Discusses Women’s MITB Match

We can all rest easy. Daniel actually reversed the result of the match and took the case away from Carmella. This was the best thing that could happen because now we don’t have to live with the bitter taste in the back of our mouth, which is exactly what that last match left. To top it off, we’re getting the rematch next week on SDLive, and I’m very excited to see it go down again.

I thought Daniel was actually going to take James Ellsworth’s head off, and, let’s be honest, we would all love to see that happen. Next week’s Smackdown is already a show to watch out for, and I highly suggest tuning in!

Everybody wins. Fuck you, James Ellsworth.

Jinder Mahal VS. Luke Harper

At first, I thought this was going to be a downer for the night, but it was actually pretty good! The match itself was alright, but we got a tease of Baron Corbin cashing in the briefcase he earned on Sunday. He didn’t do it, obviously, but it was cool to see him getting in Jinder’s head, and seeing Jinder look legitimately scared of him cashing in the case. Even with the distraction, though, Luke still couldn’t win. It was a bit sad for him, but it makes sense to book the champ to win. Right afterward, Randy came out, whooped the Singh brother, and did pretty much everything except RKO Jinder. We gotta save that for the eventual rematch; it’ll be just that much sweeter when Randy lands that long-awaited RKO that puts Jinder away.An alright technical match, and good overall segment!

This was an alright technical match, but a good overall segment!

Jinder Mahal Defeats Luke Harper

I would say that, even though MITB was…not quite what people wanted, most of it was rectified tonight. The Nakamura match was one of the few things I expected to be good that was just kinda meh.Check back next week for more WWE coverage and let us know what you thought of tonight’s show!

Check back next week for more WWE coverage, and let us know what you thought of this week’s show down below in the comments!

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